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Facebook has updated its Messenger app for iOS and Android devices with a Snapchat like recording feature that lets you send 15-second video clips instantly. With the latest update, you can also send a “Big Like” which is a more enthusiastic way of saying that you really liked something.

Instant messaging is increasingly relying on video to exchange moments and memories. Facebook Messenger version 6.0 for iOS, and for Android gives you 15-seconds to shoot a quick mini-movie with the mobile camera and share it with your friends. That’s the same length you get in the Facebook owned Instagram. Unlike earlier where you had to hop into your gallery and pick a pre-recorded video for sharing, the latest update gives you the ability to instantly record and send short videos. Simply tap and hold the camera button to shoot and send the movie. This is not live synchronous video chatting, but almost synchronous video sharing. You can do it right within the app with both the front and rear cameras.

Facebook Instant Video Share

Emoticons and smileys may not show the full range of your emotions. Try a “Big Like”. Tap and hold the thumbs-up button longer if you really enjoyed something shared.

The default Facebook app also got some update love a few days back. The U.S. version of Facebook for iOS 11.0 now lets you search and invite friends if you are using Nearby Friends. If your friends have opted-in, you can search for them and get an approximate idea of their location and send your own exact location too. You can send an invite to selected friends and invite them to opt-in.

Facebook for Android 10.0 gets a slew of improvements too. The change log lists them as…

  • Like posts, photos and Pages when you’re offline.
  • Remove tags you’ve created.
  • Remove tags of yourself that your friends have created.
  • Turn post notifications on and off.

If you would rather your friends not share something with you in it, you can feel a bit more in control now over what your friends are putting out there.

Did you catch this updates in the Facebook apps you are using?

Source: TechCrunch

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