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Do you find the Facebook “Like” links on various websites annoying? If yes, then you would surely appreciate a tool that removes these links. “Facebook Blocker” is just that tool.

remove facebook links

Facebook Blocker is a tool that detects Facebook links in websites and eliminates them. This does not mean that the site’s connections to Facebook are lost; for example you will still be able to sign into websites through your Facebook accounts and use those sites to publish things on your Wall. Facebook Blocker will only stop Facebook social plug-ins, even the ones within iFrames, from running on any website other than Facebook.

The tool works by installing itself in your browsers; currently Safari, Chrome, and Firefox are supported.


  • A user friendly website.
  • Lets you hide facebook links on website.
  • Does not eliminate all Facebook connections.
  • Does not block anything on Facebook itself.
  • Similar tool: FacebookDisconnect.

Check out “Facebook Blocker” @


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