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Facebook has created its own app store known as “App Center“. This new app store will allow Facebook’s 900 million users to get access to the best apps on iOS, Android, the web, and other mobile platforms. It is designed to be a store and a place for users to find only the best applications.

Eventually, Facebook will sell their own applications on this new store. They also plan to open it up to other developers to make apps specifically for the App Center. For developers who make App Center apps, Facebook will take a 30 cent cut from each sale. That is a pretty standard split, so it seems as though Facebook is not trying to stiff their developers in any way.

Apps such as Draw Something, Spotify and Pinterest, which are already popular and available all over the place, Facebook will only give a link to places to get the app, and will take no cut.

It seems as though Facebook has a good balance of using the App Center as a potential revenue stream and using it as a cool place for their users to find apps. They plan to regulate the store, and apps that are well received will be displayed prominently, and apps that do not do well will not be listed at all.

Of course, Facebook is a social place, so the App Center will be no exception. Each app will have a star rating, which will allow users to see the apps that are popular across the social network. The store will be rolled out to users over the next few weeks.


Source: The Telegraph

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