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Over the next few days Facebook users will gradually start to see some improvements to Facebook’s photo viewer but the features will not roll out to all users at once.

Users will be able to upload larger photos. All photos will be displayed at a peak resolution of 960 pixels; they used to only go up to 720. Any photos already uploaded that supports the higher resolution will automatically be displayed larger.

On top of making the photos even larger, Facebook is also claiming that photos will now load twice as fast as they used to. To me, this is pretty impressive. Being able to make the pictures higher resolution and faster loading are two things that should work against each other, but are somehow working in perfect harmony to make Facebook an overall better photo sharing experience.

The photo viewer app on Facebook is also receiving a slight overhaul. They are promising to make it more streamlined. They are also making the user interface a little cleaner and easier to navigate.


Since the launch of the photo viewer many people have wanted to get rid of it How to Turn Off the Photo Viewer in Facebook How to Turn Off the Photo Viewer in Facebook Read More , and hopefully now with the improvements users will be willing to give the photo viewer another shot.

Source: Facebook Blog

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