How Facebook Advertising Works & How To Place An Advert

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billboard   How Facebook Advertising Works & How To Place An AdvertIf there is any subject that we’ve covered well here at MakeUseOf, it’s Facebook. Ann provided tools to download Facebook albums and tools to cross-promote from Google + to Facebook. Saikat showed us how to find trending topics on the massive networking site, and Steve gave us a peek at the nuts and bolts behind how Facebook works.

One area of Facebook that needs some explanation is marketing and advertising. Steve already explained how to create a Facebook Fan page, which is an excellent first start. That gives your readers and brand fans a place to congregate and discuss your blog articles or your product.

However, beyond having a brand page on Facebook, you also want to have a way to attract new customers to your webpage or to your Facebook brand page. If you’ve ever considered Facebook advertising, but assumed it was completely unaffordable except for the largest companies and corporations, you may want to think again. If you’ve ever advertised on Google, using the pay-per-click advertising model, then you are more than prepared to pay for advertising on Facebook.

The Facebook CPC & CPM Advertising Model

If you have even just a little bit of advertising money available for your website or product, you may want to consider a Facebook advertising campaign using either the pay per click (CPC) or pay per million impressions (CPM) models. The Facebook user base is so impressively huge and active on the site that the investment will be well worth it.

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There are several different choices you have when it comes to Facebook advertising. The most common is setting up a CPC or CPM campaign in the Facebook Ad creation tool.

facebookad1   How Facebook Advertising Works & How To Place An Advert

It is insanely easy to create an advert using the Facebook ad creation tool. Please note that there are two “types” of adverts – Sponsored Stories and Facebook Ads. I’ll cover Sponsored Stories below, but to post an Ad for your blog, choose “Facebook Ads“.

You can either publicize a particular story update on your Facebook brand page, or you can change the destination from your brand page to “External URL”. That will make the advert direct clicks to a landing page on your site. In my case, I want all traffic to go to the main page of my blog, so that’s the URL that I chose.

facebookad1b   How Facebook Advertising Works & How To Place An Advert

As you choose an image for your advert and complete the advert text, you’ll see a preview of your advert displayed in the “Preview” area at the bottom of the wizard window. When you’re done creating your advert, the next step is to decide how you want to target the advert. You’ll see the size of the target audience to the right. Keep in mind that your cost per click may go up for a larger audience.

You can fine tune your target by selecting a geographic location, a specific age group, gender,  and even interests. While this may reduce the size of your target audience, it significantly enhances the click-through rate for your advert because how your advert is displayed will be much more targeted.

facebookad2   How Facebook Advertising Works & How To Place An Advert

The next step is deciding on the financial size of your Facebook advert campaign. Name the campaign, and then decide how much you want to pay for your advertising per day, or over the entire life of your campaign. You can devote as little as a dollar a day to your Facebook advertising campaign.

facebookad3   How Facebook Advertising Works & How To Place An Advert

Preview your advert, and once you’re happy with how the advert looks and your investment details, click on “Place Order” and you’re done!

facebookad5   How Facebook Advertising Works & How To Place An Advert

Your advert will show up on the right side of the Facebook window for your targeted audience, just like all of the other adverts that you’ve become accustomed to seeing there. The fact that you’ve targeted your advert will ensure that your advert will show up on the Facebook pages of people that will most likely be interested in what you have to offer.

facebookad6   How Facebook Advertising Works & How To Place An Advert

Other Facebook Advertising Options

Beyond the standard CPC and CPM advertising options, you have a few other choices when it comes to getting exposure on Facebook.

A very popular campaign that is relatively new for advertisers on Facebook is the “Sponsored” advert. This is a highly effective form of advertising that utilizes how and when your fans “Like” your pages. This will cause your Sponsored advert to appear on the walls of all that person’s friends, providing an even more focused and highly effective advertising campaign. You’ve probably seen this appear on your own wall when your friends have liked certain brands.

facebookad7   How Facebook Advertising Works & How To Place An Advert

Another form of Facebook advertising is the “Event” advert. You can create an Event for your brand – such as a fan gathering or a giveaway. This allows your fans that share or RSVP to the event to serve as your advertising platform, because that activity will appear on the wall of all of their friends as well.

facebookad8   How Facebook Advertising Works & How To Place An Advert

Creating an Event advert is even faster and easier than the Facebook advert wizard. You can start the process by just clicking “Create Event” at the right side of your brand Facebook page. Just fill in the details for the event to start the process.

facebookad9   How Facebook Advertising Works & How To Place An Advert

All three of these methods for advertising on Facebook offer you a highly-focused platform to spread the news about your brand.

No one can deny that the Facebook population is huge, and they are also a very active group that interacts with every aspect of their wall – be it likes, comments, events, shares and more.  By advertising on Facebook, you can harness the power of such a community.

So if you have some funds for advertising, consider giving a Facebook campaign a try. Let us know how it worked out for you, and which advert type worked best in your case. Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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