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Facebook has added two new features to Facebook Pages, its service for businesses, brands, organizations and more. These new features are a boost for Page admins, allowing for better time management and organization of duties.

Page admins can now use the “Admin Roles” option to assign each of the Page’s other admins one of five different roles. Each role has different permissions, so admins can have access only to what they need to see and change. The five levels are manager, content creator, moderator, advertiser and insight analyst. Only a manager can assign admin roles to another.

Here is an outline of the permissions each role gets:

You can read more about admin roles and how to change them in Facebook’s help center.

The other new feature is one that’s been long overdue: scheduled updates. Page admins can now schedule updates up to 6 months in advance, in 15-minute intervals. To schedule a post, simply click the clock icon and choose when you want the update to be published. This option was possible in the past using third-party apps, and it’s a much-needed addition to Facebook’s interface. You can read more about this feature in Facebook’s help center.


Did you get to try these new features?

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