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Many of you may be on the waiting list for Facebook’s new Graph Search, and if you are, you have even more to look forward to. Facebook announced on Friday that it would be improving Open Graph by adding nine new common actions for lifestyle apps. The new actions will be available for fitness, books, and movie and TV partner app categories. Although simple, the new additions have a great deal of potential.

The new actions  include “run”, “walk, and “bike” for fitness, “read”, “rate”, “quote”, and “want to read” for books, and “rate” and “want to watch” for movies and TV. Facebook used the Nike app as an example for the “run” action, and showed a sample post about a run which included the distance traveled, how long the run took, and the amount of NikeFuel acquired. These new actions will allow users to actively express what they are doing in their daily lives while at the same time helping Open Graph developers get a better idea of member usage patterns.

While these actions are not much more than trivial fun to you as users, they are going to provide valuable information about the products you use and your lifsetyle, which will make life easier for advertisers who are trying to target their ads more accurately.

The actions improvement comes shortly after the announcement for Facebook’s updated News Feed Facebook Changes Again: Check Out Your Re-Imagined News Feed [Updates] Facebook Changes Again: Check Out Your Re-Imagined News Feed [Updates] After several days full of guesswork, Facebook has finally announced its biggest change in a while: a brand new News Feed. You can filter your posts so you get to see updates from all friends,... Read More . This News Feed should reduce clutter and be more dynamic, and should be available to everyone in the next few weeks. As you might be able to tell, the company is doing everything it can to improve the social network, and make you want to stay on Facebook.

Will you use these new actions? Do you make use of these kinds of lifestyle apps?


Source: Facebook via TechCrunch

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