Facebook Adds 15 Second Video Capture To Instagram [Updates]

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After a week of anticipation, Facebook has unveiled its mystery announcement: video for Instagram. The new feature is already available via an app update for both iOS and Android and allows users to shoot 15 seconds of video to share on the service, much like Twitter’s Vine.

The new option is available via the movie camera icon in the Instagram viewfinder and works using tap-and-hold clips of video which can be kept or discarded once shot. In true Instagram style users can add one of thirteen video-specific filters to their footage before sharing, with realtime previews of the different effects available during playback.

iPhone 5 and 4S users will be able to use image stabilisation in the form of “Cinema” mode, which should result in smoother footage. When users post a video they will be able to isolate one scene as a “cover shot” which will be displayed while the rest of the video plays.

Initial impressions suggest this is a slightly more refined Vine with filters, basic clip editing and longer videos. Much like images shared via Instagram, videos adhere to a square crop and can be viewed in a desktop browser but not embedded as yet. If you’re looking for a service to share quick, short videos from your mobile then your options just got a whole lot more interesting.

Download: Instagram for iOS / Instagram for Android

What do you think of Instagram video? Did you already set up camp on Vine? Let us know what you think in the comments, below.

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I think this is awesome!



I do not think they had any alternative. Still I have seen very few interesting or fun videos on Vine and do not expect to see more on instagram.

Tim Brookes

Vine is actually pretty great when you’re following the right people, and the concept is theirs originally. In fact this concept was so strong that the app has never really seen a “new feature” beyond the first release – tap to record, share, done. There’s a lot of comedy, art and unique ideas on Vine and I think it’s simplicity is part of the appeal. You could argue that filters are unnecessary to produce an interesting loop and that Vine’s stop motion abilities place it above Instagram in terms of usability. I definitely would argue those points :)

Also I can’t help but think it’s a relief that the Vine community isn’t the same as the Instagram community. If you’ve ever accidentally tapped the “most popular” tab on Instagram then you’ll know why that is.


Phuc Ngoc

:( So, I have to choose between Instagram and Vine :(

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