Facebomb: Pimp Up Your Profile Picture

Facebomb is an image editing site which focuses on spicing up the picture you would be using on your various social network profiles by applying variety of effects. You my pimp up your profile image by adding custom text and all kinds of symbols, pictures based on themes like love, toys, animals, angels and many more.

facebomb   Facebomb: Pimp Up Your Profile Picture

To begin pimping up your profile, simply upload a picture, select the area you want to work on, apply effects and then download it in JPEG format.

facebomb11   Facebomb: Pimp Up Your Profile Picture


  • Spice up your profile picture by adding various effects.
  • You can select a specific area of the picture to customize.
  • Add text and picture based effects.
  • Download final picture in JPEG format.

Check out Facebomb @ www.facebomb.com

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