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Book reading is one of the staple uses of tablets and smartphones. That is why a powerful e-book app to pair with your tablet is a must. Aside from the Kindle app and Google Books, there is strong demand for third-party apps that Android users can customize and work well for them.

ebook reader dropbox

Enter Fabrik Reader. This simple and elegant e-book reading app lets you read EPUB files straight from your Dropbox account. You only need to place your downloaded EPUB, Mobi, and text files in your Dropbox folder and Fabrik Reader syncs it for easy reading.

Fabrik Reader does more than Dropbox syncing. It also saves your reading progress so you can pick up your reading from any device. A two-column tablet landscape will enhance your experience with larger screens, while allowing you to customize fonts, line spacing, and brightness.

Fabrik Reader is a solid e-book app alternative and with few tablet-optimized apps, for the Android OS, this particular one is refreshing to have.



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