F-Secure KEY Generates and Remembers Passwords Across Platforms

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Security firm F-Secure, which we reckon is one of the best antivirus apps on Android, has made its foray in the crowded password manager market with the new F-Secure KEY, a cross-platform tool to generate and remember passwords across different devices.

The service works much like its existing competitors, like Lastpass. It will let you generate safe and difficult-to-crack passwords and log you in across Mac, Windows, Android and iOS, as long as you have the F-Secure KEY app installed. All of these usernames and passwords are protected by a universal password.

And while it generates great passwords, you can still make memorable yet secure passwords of your own.

Apart from managing websites, F-Secure KEY can store other information too, including credit card details, WiFi passwords and details for home alarm systems and other connected services, The Next Web reports. All of the data is encrypted for added protection.

Additionally, F-Secure KEY keeps users up to date about any major hacking incidents that target popular online services and might compromise their safety. It’s a cool feature, since you will always know if you might be affected by a hack.

F-Secure KEY is a free app that can be downloaded for your PC, Mac, Android or iOS device from the official website.

Source: The Next Web

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Salomão Santiago

“The service works much like its existing competitors, like Lastpass.”

Not the way it should.
Lastpass syncs between different (non-mobile) devices for free, but needs subscription (premium) to sync with mobile.
KEY needs a subscription to sync with other devices.



Anyone know the pricing plan for sync ability? Sure as heck can’t find it on their website anywhere, not a good sign if you ask me. I think LastPass’ $12/yr will be hard to beat.


The price for sync is 14.50€/year. Possible to subscribe shorter terms as well.



Tested this thing — exported passwords in html format from Lastpass — then tried to import into F-Secure — didn’t work. Any successful Lastpass users out there?


F-Secure Key can import the following data export formats:
-Password Safe XML export format
-KeePass 2.x XML export format
– 1Password ‘interchange File’ format
-F-Secure Key’s own data export format


Actually, this one is not yet there but coming soon: – 1Password ‘interchange File’ format


Don Gateley

I don’t see an HTML option for Last Pass export. What did you use to get HTML?

Oh, right. This site won’t notify you of responses. Never mind.


Ion P

It doesn’t support XP & Vista – http://goo.gl/x8OeFO

Olga S

Yeah… what a shame!


Joe Mister

Seems like a nice tool, but I already use Sticky Password manager (http://www.stickypassword.com) and it works an PC, Android and iOS great. Its autofill feature is mature and they have been working on it for years now. I will wait and see if F-Secure Key will get any better in the future.



The password management space is getting a little too crowded. I’ve been using RoboForm since the early 2000s, I always test out the newbie password managers but this one just doesn’t cut it for me. Sticking with RoboForm.


Bruce W

good product, but like the others on the market, not enough to make me switch from the industry standard “RoboForm”, they were the first on the market and continue to show that competitors have a lot of catching up to do.

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