ezyZip: Zipping and Unzipping Files In Your Browser

ezyZip is a simple web application for easily zipping and unzipping files online. Unlike previously profiled online archive tools like Zip-Online, OnlineZip and Wobzip, ezyZip doesn’t require user to upload to be archived files to the server. It runs as a java applet inside your browser and archives files locally, making it much quicker and easier to use.

ezyzip   ezyZip: Zipping and Unzipping Files In Your Browser


  • Compress and unzip files within your browser.
  • Zip as many files as you like.
  • It runs in your browser, so there is no uploading of files to a server.
  • Free and no sign up.

Check out ezyZip @ www.ezyzip.com

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Thanks for the review! Check out ezyFTPServer as well. Same principle: Lets you run a simple FTP server in the browser. No hassles with installations or configurations.