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For network administrators, or anyone looking for an easy way to find out more details about a wireless network, ezNetScan is the perfect Android app for you. It is packed with features that help you find out all kinds of valuable information about your current WiFi network. It is simple enough to use, and offers all the key features a network administrator or anyone could want.

scan wireless networks android

When you first open the app, it will display all the key information about the current WiFi network such as the BSSID, IP address, gateway IP, external IP, MAC address, link speed, DNS, and DHCP server. This information is key for finding out more about the currently connected WiFi network. With the click of a button, it will also show you all of the other devices connected to your current WiFi network.

The Tools menu for this app has plenty of options such as the ability to ping a user on the network, a TCP server scanner, an external IP scanner tool and more. You can even use this app to send wake-on-LAN requests. For managing a WiFi network, this free app is extremely useful.


  • Find out detailed information about your current WiFi network.
  • See information on other devices connected to network such as device IP address, MAC address and manufacturer name.
  • Ping other connected devices.
  • Send wake-on-LAN requests.

Find ezNetScan on Google Play

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