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EZGram is a web-based postal service that lets you send postal letters right from your PC anywhere worldwide. All you need is to type your letter and click send, afterwards it’s printed out, sealed and stamped, and forwarded to the provided mailing address.

    “WebsiteTagline: EZGram allows you to create, print, and mail letters without leaving your computer. Letters can be sent to any address in the world from anywhere in the world.


EZGram Features:

  • Send and Track mail online
  • Add PDF enclosures to your letters (CV, resume, etc.)
  • Max. letter size (four A4 pages). Additional options available for larger documents.
  • Free letter templates (Job offers, Resume Receipt, Letter of resignation, etc.)
  • Pricing: $1 / letter (incl. postage) with an additional $0.10 each for pages 2 through 4, and a $.50 charge for worldwide postage.
  • Write a letter to your Congress Representatives. More details
  • Create campaign letters that can be viewed and sent by others. Promote your campaign on your website
  • More Questions? Check out FAQ section here

Visit EZGram

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  1. Dr Writesmith
    September 18, 2008 at 3:41 pm

    Thats an ok site but I prefer its a little more fancy and you dont have to sign up.