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Ezeep is an interesting service that aims to take care of the printing woes of users by connecting printers and computers to its own servers. The concept is similar to Google Cloud Print. Printers can be added to Ezeep and so can desktops, laptops and cellphones. You may also make your printer public.

Upload the file you need to print to Ezeep, choose the printer and wait for the printout. No drivers, no software, no hassles. But the printout will have ads if you want the service to be free.

cloud printing

They say that their ads are relevant so it shouldn’t be a problem. I couldn’t find a pricing structure on their site so I am not sure what you will be charged if you decide to pay for the service.


  • Cool cloud printing solution.
  • Print from the cloud, without the need of drivers or software.
  • Connect printers and computers to their servers.
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