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Eyejot is a hybrid of video chat and regular email. To put it simply, it’s a web-based (client-free) video messaging platform for sending and recieving video messages. You can think of it as an email, but instead of text there is video. Once you have signed-up with EyeJot, you can record and send personal messages to any email address directly from the browser. All without installing any additional software. Sent messages will appear from your primary email address and will include a link to a page where the recipient can view it.

EyeJot - Record and Send Video Messages


  • Send video messages to friends and colleagues directly from the browser.
  • Store and manage sent/received messages online.
  • Record messages online (easy) or upload them from PC.
  • Works with all popular browsers and operating systems (Windows, Mac OS X and Linux)
  • No additional software needed. All you need is a working Mic and a Webcam.
  • Receipients don’t have to register and can play your video messages on pretty much any computer.
  • Access your Eyejot inbox and play incoming video messages from mobile device.
  • Download and save videos to computer.
  • Built-in support for iTunes.
  • Here are some demo videos showing different uses for Eyejot.
  • Note: Free accout users are limited to 60 seconds per recording.

[Video] Interview with EyeJot CEO

Check out EyeJot @

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