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'extra' post Check out some of the latest makeuseof discoveries. As usual, all listed websites are FREE (or come with decent free account option). No trials or pay-to-use craplets. Enjoy!

1. BlogRush – Looking for additional traffic? BlogRush is a network of blogs that run a small “widget” on their pages. This widget displays 5 headlines from the other blogs in the network. By displaying Blogrush widget on its pages, blog earns “˜syndication credits’ (aka “˜headline views’) on other blogs in BlogRush network. For instance, if your blog receives 1000 pageviews in a given day it will additionally earn 1000 “˜headline views’ on similar blogs in BlogRush network.

2. [NO LONGER WORKS] EsyURL – Simple service that allows you to take any multi-line URL or and hard-to-remember web URL and convert it to a short and easy one.

3. Flock – Relatively new and quite impressive web browser that tags itself as “˜the social web browser’. Probably the only web browser (apart from Firefox) that keeps gaining users. More on Flock (incl. video demo)

4. Loudtalks – Dead simple and memory-friendly communication tool that allows you to send quick voice messages to friends or colleagues. You have something to say “” you push the button and say it. More on LoudTalks.

5. Mint (US only) – One and only budgeting and expense tracking tool you will ever need. Free and 100% automated. Highly Recommended. Detailed Overview.

6. RotaBoard – Easy-to-use online schedule maker: create, manage and track your working shifts and a shifts of your staff. Can be also used by students to manage course schedules. More details (incl. screenshot)

7. ShoeBoxed – Got too many receipts lying around? Shoeboxed is a free online service that can automatically manage, track and organize your purchases/receipts online. Set provided ShoeBoxed email as a default email (on eBay, Amazon, etc.) and all incoming receipts will be automatically organized and displayed in your Shoeboxed account. More on ShoeBoxed (incl. screenshot).

8. TipBin – Community focused on sharing all kinds of useful tips and tricks. Tips that makes life easier, safer, more productive, or just more fun. More on TipBin.

9. [NO LONGER WORKS] URLsplit – URLsplit is an interesting tool that allows you to create a link which (unlike traditional links) can be linked to up-to 7 interchanging web URLs at once.

10. Viigo – Access diverse set of web content/services from your mobile. These include: latest news, local events, latest posts from favorite blogs, local weather, and a lot more. More on Viigo.

NOTE: These are just half of the applications we have added to our directory in the last 3-4 days. To keep up-to-date on all directory additions subscribe to MakeUseOf directory here (via RSS or email).

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