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You might have come across sites that offer free MP3 songs for download. At your favorite artist’s page you will have to download each song individually in order to listen to it. ExtensionFM makes it easier to listen to those songs.


ExtensionFM is an extension for Google Chrome. After installing it you will notice a new icon in Chrome’s address bar. The extension monitors each webpage you visit for MP3 files. The number of files found is then shown in the extension’s icon.

You can click on the icon and a dropdown window will appear with the option to  play the songs individually or simply play them all, forming a playlist. You can browse away from the webpage and the songs will keep on playing, transforming Chrome into a media player.

ExtensionFM has its own website as well. If you create an account on it, the playlists formed by the Chrome extension will be saved in your account. You will then be able to listen to those songs from anywhere through your ExtensionFM account.




  • Automatically detects all the MP3 files on a webpage.
  • Allows you to play those MP3 files without individually downloading them.
  • Keeps working in the background even if you browse away from the webpage.
  • A list of your played songs is saved on your ExtensionFM account.

Visit ExtensionFM @ and get its Chrome extension from

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