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How much good news is there on the news these days?

Few. Bad news clearly receives a lot more attention than the good stuff. But good things do happen all the time and they must be encouraged.

So when something positive has happened to you, when someone has been exceptionally helpful or when something has changed your life positively, why not say Thank You!

Thanks-O-Meter is a site that collects all the nice things people do and experience. The site is public access and no membership is required to express your own gratitude. Stories can be searched for by keywords.

It’s a great way to remind you of how good life can be and that it’s the small things that make us happy – breathing, smiles, good words and gestures. People do nice things everyday and on Thanks-O-Meter you can read about it or share your own story.


When you decide to submit a Thank You, sharing your story is optional. You can simply select your Thank You category or add a custom one, and express how the event made you feel. It only takes a few seconds and adds a positive voice to the statistics.

Below is a chart to demonstrate the statistics of the site. There you can also see which Thank You categories you can choose from.

Organizations can sign up for paid, customized accounts. Schools, churches, charities and sports leagues however can request free accounts.

Has the site inspired you to do a good deed, to buy flowers for someone or simply write a Thank You eMail? Please share!

Picture credits: lusi

  1. George Garner
    January 13, 2009 at 9:49 pm

    I've spent time reading the stories and the best ones are the tributes to a mentor, friend, or teacher. If you have someone in your life who offered an example to follow or did something meaningful for you, this is a great site to share that story. In the process, you get to relive those moments : )

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