ExploraTree: Create Thinking Maps Online

ExploraTree is a web based tool which lets you create thinking maps online and share them with others. It also has a library of thinking guides which you can refer to anytime. The thinking guides are comprehensive and interactive, primarily aimed towards students and researchers who can use them for problem solving and apply them in their projects.

As I mentioned, the set of tools is comprehensive and could be used not only by students but by any professional who needs to formulate the right strategy to solve a problem and document that strategy online.

exploratree   ExploraTree: Create Thinking Maps Online


  • Use ready-made thinking maps templates.
  • Make a new thinking guide from scratch.
  • Print them as and when required.
  • Customize: add or change text, shapes, images etc.
  • Work in groups on the same thinking guide.
  • Free registration.

Check out ExploraTree @ www.exploratree.org

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I think you should have thinking/bubble maps on here!!! Your other items are nice to…