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If a picture is better than a thousand words, imagine what a lot of pictures combined together can achieve. That is exactly what Explania aims to do with hundreds of high-quality animations that will help to instruct and educate people. These animations are either created by Explania or co-creators and cover a wide variety of fields including technology, health, sports, software and more.

You can browse these animations through channels, search for them or even browse the most popular or recent ones. Similar to YouTube, you can also post comments to an animation, and the best feature of all, embed them on your website free of cost. Since Explania animations are of real high-quality, there are usually much better than an equivalent YouTube video.

hundreds of animations


  • Watch and share educational animations.
  • Read and post comments.
  • Embed animations on your website.
  • Upload your own animation.
  • No registration required.

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