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There are a lot of us who like taking screenshots of a website and sharing them with friends. Explain And Send Screenshots is a Google Chrome extension that makes this process a whole lot easier by letting you capture a specific part of any webpage and then sending it as a link or post to your Facebook and Twitter accounts.

You can also add explanations to the screenshot by adding arrows, circles, lines, and text.

send screenshots

To capture a screenshot while in a website, just click the Explain And Send Screenshots button and it will open the webpage in a new tab where you can select and crop out the portion that you would like to share. Then, edit the screen capture with the drawing tools available. You also can also use a more advanced image editing app using

Once you are done, you can post your picture using Facebook or Twitter, or send a link of your picture privately hosted in

This tool is definitely a must-have for those who frequently share web screenshots as it makes the process of editing and sharing much simpler.

send screenshots


  • Capture portions of webpages instantly from your browser.
  • Edit and add explanations to your screenshot with arrows, circles, lines, and text.
  • Use the selection tool to cut, copy, and paste.
  • Copy screenshots directly to the clipboard.
  • Post the picture in your Facebook or Twitter account, or send a link of it.
  • Similar Tools: Screenpresso, Talon, and Owely.

Check out Explain And Send Screenshots @

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