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There is no dearth of tools that will send you a list of expiring domain names, but with thousands of domains expiring daily, sifting through the lists for a good one is a hassle. Expiring-DomainNames is different since it actually lets you search massive database of expiring domain names and narrow down your search according to your needs.

expiring domain finder

Simply enter the letters you are looking for and indicate which part of the domain they should be in (start, end, anywhere). You can even narrow your search down by selecting specific TLDs and telling the tool if you want to include hyphen and numbers. The results are displayed in alphabetical order along with their pending deletion date and the expiration date. Clicking on a domain name takes you to a registration website where you can get the name.


  • Search over a million expiring domain names.
  • Huge database that is updated daily.
  • Search domains with numbers, hyphens and for specific TLDs.
  • No registration required.
  • Similar tools: SaveSpell, Wordoid and Dot-o-mator.

Visit Expiring-DomainNames @

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