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Are you planning an event with your friends? Perhaps you are all planning a trip or maybe you have plans to go to a concert. Whatever the case, one of you needs to calculate how much money will be required and how much each friend should pay. Here to help find that out is an excellent web app called Expense Splitter.

calculate shared expenses

Expense Splitter is an excellent website that helps you divide expenses amongst yourself and friends. There is no need for registration on the website. You start simply by typing the types of expenses and their amounts. Next you type in the name of your friends, their email addresses, and put down how much of the total is each friend going to pay. After doing all of this, you can save the settings under a unique a URL. You can revisit the URL to make changes and additions to the payments division. To let your friends know how much they need to pay, you can take a print of the results or simply have the website email the results to your friends.


  • A user-friendly web service.
  • Helps divide expenses.
  • You specify various types of expenses and their amounts.
  • You specify friends names and their portion of the payment.
  • Results can be printed out or directly emailed to friends.
  • Similar tools: TravelStormerTabSplitToshl and BillsAreIn.

Check out Expense Splitter @


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