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While there are many fans of the movie Titanic, not as many people know the true story of the ship behind it. The movie was based on an actual ship that sunk. Its wreckage has been explored by deep sea divers and the site of the wreckage can now be easily explored thanks to “Expedition Titanic”.

titanic wreckage footage

Expedition Titanic is a free website that lets you explore and watch titanic wreckage footage entirely through your web browser. After you click on the circle located on the homepage, you are virtually taken deep into the sea and the site of the wreckage is loaded up.

You can see a scale diagram of the wreckage. You can view the distances from the main ship to where its stern section and other parts are located. Photos and videos are also available in the virtual explorer, along with informative details on the wreckage that covers important topics such as bio-deterioration, plant and animal life, etc.

wreckage of titanic


  • Very user friendly.
  • Operates completely from within your web browser.
  • The diagram is drawn to scale.
  • Photos and videos of the wreckage are available.
  • Is an informative source on the wreckage of Titanic.

Check out Expedition Titanic @

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