Exercise Your Mind With ‘Games For The Brain’

games for the brain logo   Exercise Your Mind With Games For The BrainIt is very important to keep your brain occupied and working hard. Not constantly, of course, as we all need time off from thinking, from calculating, from forming ideas. But exercising it on a regular basis can help keep your mind focused and sharp. Which is especially crucial as we get older and hopefully wiser.

There are several ways to achieve this. You can buy a Brain Training-style game, you can tackle the crossword on the back of your newspaper, you can read a book, or write a poem, or… the list is endless. There are also various websites that can help you sharpen your mind by providing fun but educational games.

Brain Games

games for the brain   Exercise Your Mind With Games For The Brain

Games For The Brain is one such website, being packed full of games for the brain, as the name quite obviously suggests. There are 38 games in total on the site, all of which are free and easy to play (though not always easy to succeed at), and which are designed to get the old gray matter working overtime for a few minutes each day.

Things are kept very simple, with a range of games that can be played by all. Doing particularly well at any one game sees you obtain a number which can be entered into the bonus room. Your prize? An image, usually of a painting, which in itself can be seen to broaden your horizons. You also get regular “brain tips” revealed, which are very simple tricks for helping keep your mind healthy.

These Games For The Brain fall into three categories: Simple, Recognizable, and Wordy. I’ve selected two games from each category for further exploration, purely based on those I enjoyed playing the most. You will likely have your own favorites, and I implore you to explore all of the games on offer in order to find your personal likes and dislikes.



games brain dragger   Exercise Your Mind With Games For The Brain

Dragger is a simple game that is essentially a 12-piece jigsaw. An image has been cut up into 12 equal squares, and it’s your job to put these in the right order to re-form the image correctly. It’s harder than you may think with some of the obscure images, especially as the flat edges mean you cannot rely on the usual jigsaw sections to help you piece them together.


games brain counterfeit   Exercise Your Mind With Games For The Brain

Counterfeit is another simple game that will be understood instantly by all. You’re show two images side-by-side, which are identical in every way apart from one. A small detail may have been erased from existence, or one element may be slightly out of place. It’s your job to identify and point out the single difference between the two images. Look hard and look long.



games brain sudoku   Exercise Your Mind With Games For The Brain

Sudoku will be recognizable to all those interested in puzzle games, as it’s a type of puzzle that is featured heavily in newspapers and magazines. There are even whole books and video games dedicated to the phenomenon. The version of Sudoku that appears on Games For The Brain is the standard 9×9 grid, with the solutions gradually increasing in difficulty.


games brain chess   Exercise Your Mind With Games For The Brain

If you have never heard of Chess then where have you been for the last 1500 years? That’s how old and established this game of skill, judgment, and forward-planning is, and yet it works just as well on the Web as it does in parlors and clubs. This version is fast and simple; you click the piece and the square you want to move to, and the AI immediately responds.


What Word?

games brain what word   Exercise Your Mind With Games For The Brain

What Word? is a game that defines itself with its title, and that’s what the game is all about. You’re shown a dictionary definition of a word and you have to guess what word is being defined. Your only clue is the first letter of the word in question, and that’s sometimes not very helpful at all. This is the perfect game for those seeking to expand their vocabulary.

What Did I Search For?

games brain search   Exercise Your Mind With Games For The Brain

What Did I Search For? is perhaps my favorite of the Games For The Brain. You’re shown a list of results from a search, with the keyword that was searched for blocked from view. It has been replaced by a series of question marks, the number representing the number of letters in the word. Some are obvious, but others will have you putting your brain through its paces.


The six games profiled above represent just a fraction of those available to play on Games For The Brain. It may be a simple site built for an earlier version of the Web, with no fancy graphics or embedded razzmatazz, but that simplicity is its charm.

Games For The Brain is accessible to everyone with a Web browser, and features games geared towards all age groups and all levels of intelligence. The overriding intention being to help keep the mind active.

Once you have tried Games For The Brain let us know what you think of it, and which brain games, if any, you particularly enjoyed. You may also want to check out AgameAday, which offers similar simple workouts for the strange substance that lives inside our skulls. If you know of any other websites similar to this then please let us know in the comments section below.

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scott boyer

Now that I’m getting up in years it is time for me to give some of these games a try thanks

Flower King

Without Lumosity the article might be incomplete!

Dave Parrack

Lumosity is a completely different website than this one. And it’s already well-known enough.

Yash Desai

Luminosity would definetly be a great addition to this article


i have an account for lumosity but some games need to use cash unlock.thank for these free version games.

Andrey Zvyagin

If time is short, then choose the Sudoku. If more (or better, if there is another person), the chess

Andrei Anikin

Thanks a lot! Well, I’m off to occupy my brain and make it work hard :-)

Dave Parrack

Good luck… when you get a headache you know it’s time to stop.

Bruce Thomas

I’m irretrievably devoted to Sudoku and it’s driving me nuts. I dream about 81 box matrices and solve puzzles in my sleep. During the day I set goals: reach goal, take a Sudoku break. It happens all day long. Watching TV is over the top of my tablet as I solve another puzzle. Well, I wrote the response, so its time for a Sudoku break.

Dave Parrack

Wow, it sounds like you’re addicted. Still, there are worse things to be addicted to than Sudoku!

Harish Jonnalagadda

Hmm I did not even know about Lumosity, so thanks for that suggestion as well as this one..

Alex Perkins

I like playing chess, but prefer it physically.

Dave Parrack

I agree that chess is much better played with a real board and a real opponent, but this online version should give you some practice.

Jacob Mathew

I like sudoku. Gives the brain a fresh start.

Lisa Santika Onggrid

Love these minigames. They’re classics and worth your time. Well, much better than most casual games these days.

Ali Ehsan

I’ve heard chess is good for brain exercise, but i never played because i don’t know how to :S

Ali Ehsan

Thank you for the link.