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We all need a good excuse now and then to escape work, school or an awkward situation. Sometimes you just can’t think of any good excuse and thats where the ExcuseGenerator comes in handy. It is an app for iPhone/iPod/iPad that just needs to know if the excuse is for work or for school.

Once you have specified your choice, the app shows you a number of relevant and believable excuses for being absent. You can also click to check out the top 10 excuses of all time. Many times you might not be able to use the exact excuses displayed by the app, but they can definitely act as a source of inspiration to create your own excuses.

A pro version of the app also lets you generate sounds like rain or barking dogs and use them as an excuse.

excuses for being absent


  • Generate good excuses for school or work.
  • Check out top 10 excuses.
  • Works with iPhone/iPad and iPod Touch.
  • Great tool to get out of awkward situations.

Download ExcuseGenerator from iTunes


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