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get music recommendationsI’m always on the lookout for original ways to discover music. A while ago, I told you about an awesome app called Band of the Day Discover Awesome New Bands & Listen To New Music With Band Of the Day [iOS] Discover Awesome New Bands & Listen To New Music With Band Of the Day [iOS] Despite the abundance of ways to discover music, I still find myself in constant search for a better way. Band of the Day for iOS is a great place to get to know less-known singers... Read More , which introduces you to a new band every day, and also about interesting ways to find new music online 6 Fantastic Ways To Discover Cool Music You've Never Heard Before 6 Fantastic Ways To Discover Cool Music You've Never Heard Before If you’re a music lover, you’re familiar with the constant need to discover new music. You already know lots of good music you like, but the thirst for more is unstoppable. There’s lots of good... Read More . There are endless sources, methods and ways to discover new music, and that’s why coming up with an original one is quite a challenge.

So I was quite excited to find Sonarflow – an iOS app which tries to come up with a different way to discover music. Sonarflow is also a standalone music player, and offers interesting visual insight into your music. A quick tap in the right place will introduce you to new artists and music, all based on your current music library. Sonarflow comes in three versions: Sonarflow for iTunes, Sonarflow for Spotify, and Sonarflow Pro, which you can get for $1.99 and is ad-free and restriction free.

So without further ado, let me introduce you to a new way to play and discover music that’s going to make your day.

Playing Music On Sonarflow

As mentioned above, the free version of Sonarflow comes with ads, which are not very obtrusive, and also with a restriction on the number of playlists you can create. You can still use it to listen to your music, browse it visually and discover new music without any restrictions. Let’s start with playing some music.

Since Spotify is not available in my country, I used Sonarflow on my iTunes library. When you first launch it, Sonarflow will automatically populate itself with all your music, divided into genres.

get music recommendations


The size of the circle is determined by the amount of music you have in that genre. I must say, the way Sonarflow categorized my music was surprising at times, especially when it decided Queen belonged in classical music, but all in all the division made sense.

Once on the Sonarflow homescreen, you can start zooming in on your music. As you do this, each genre will split into the different artists within, and when you zoom in on those, you’ll get individual albums.

rate music get recommendations

You can dig down and start playing a song or an album. When you do that, the player on the top will go into action, and the circle around that album, artist or genre (depending on your zoom level) will get a cute orbiting light.

rate music get recommendations

A long tap on any item will let you to add it to a playlist. You can create several playlists, and browse through them, edit and play them through the playlists button on the top left.

rate music get recommendations

The player itself is pretty self-explanatory, so let’s get to the exciting part – the discovery.

Discover New Music With Sonarflow

When you want to get some suggestions from Sonarflow, tap on the magnifying glass button on the top right. Depending on where you are on your music map, Sonarflow’s engine will compute a number of suggestions based on the closest circles.

recommended music

Since I know most of the artists Sonarflow suggested (though I didn’t have them in my iTunes library), I can tell you these are pretty solid suggestions. This app took a rather small portion of my music which is currently on iTunes, and figured me out rather brilliantly.

You can tap a suggestion circle to get some song suggestions, and even to purchase them on iTunes right away.

get music recommendations

The awesome thing about Sonarflow is that you really don’t have to browse and look by yourself, and you don’t even need to have your entire music library on your device. Their engine is smart enough to give you good suggestions based on a small portion of it, some of which are bound to be interesting and new.

If you don’t like the suggestions you’re getting, try moving around on the map, focusing on different areas. Even moving a little can change the suggestions you’re getting.

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Let us know in the comments what you think of Sonarflow, and what methods you use to discover new music.

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