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No one wants to get stuck while working on spreadsheets. A simple problem can take you hours finding the right solution which leads to even more frustration. For quick answers and reference on Excel how-tos, check out Excel-Formulas, a web service that connects boggled Excel users with experts to get quick, confidential and comprehensive help.

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To start using Excel-Formulas, just type in your Excel question on the homepage. Your question could be as short or as detailed as possible. Then choose an expert type that you feel will best answer your question. The fields include Accounting, Human Resource, Inventory, Business,  and Loans.

You can also select a General Expert if you don’t know who should handle your query – then enter your e-mail to submit the question. Response time depends on the volume of questions at a given time.

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Excel-Formulas is a free service for small questions (if you don’t mind waiting), and you are only asked to pay for the complicated ones if you are satisfied with their answer. You can pay up to $50 if you need serious help. All your questions are archived in your account – and if you really need a quick answer, you can also ask within Excel using the Excel Formulas Expert Add-in.


This website is a great solution for those who can’t finish their work because of simple Excel problems they can’t solve. Instead of wasting time looking for answers online, a quick chat with real Excel experts will save you a lot of time – definitely a worthy service for people who deal with spreadsheets at work.


  • Provide quick answers to any Excel question.
  • Choose your expert to best answer your question.
  • Look back at all your questions in the account dashboard.
  • Free for simple questions.
  • Pay only when you are satisfied with their answer.
  • Plugin allows you to ask question within Excel.

Check out Excel-Formulas @

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