Evuli: Download Guest List Of Facebook Events In Excel Format

Managing events on Facebook is intuitive and the social networking giant gives users a wide range of helpful options. But when the number of attendees gets out of hand, you might want to make use of a tool that offers numerous control options like Excel. Here to offer you the feature to download the guest lists of your Facebook events to Excel files is an app called Evuli.

Connect   Evuli: Download Guest List Of Facebook Events In Excel Format

Evuli is a free to use online tool that comes in the form of a Facebook application. You start using the application by connecting it with your Facebook account. Once you authorize access to it, Evuli lets you download guest lists to an Excel files. You basically select one of your events and obtain the guest list in an Excel format. The Excel file can be managed and edited however you want which makes organizing the list of attendees much easier.


  • A user-friendly web service.
  • Works by connecting with Facebook.
  • Lets you download list of attendees to your Facebook events.
  • Downloaded file is in Excel format.

Check out Evuli @ http://evu.li 

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