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The Internet has come a long way. Not only have the speeds evolved from dialup to broadband, but the technologies have also expanded into faster, more user-friendly ones. To help you visualize exactly how far the Internet has come since its inception, Evolution of the Web was created.


Evolution of the Web is a website that provides images depicting the relationship between browsers and related Internet technologies. The information is displayed against a timeline from 1990 till today.

The ‘information’ basically corresponds to browsers and webpage-related technology; for example you will find Opera, Netscape, HTML 4.0, and JavaScript marked on the timeline, along with others. If you want to learn what these entries mean, then links are available for supporting information.



  • A user-friendly website.
  • Shows the evolution of the Internet.
  • Plots browsers and relevant technologies on a timeline.
  • Provides supporting links from the Internet.

Check out Evolution of the Web @

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