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If you are a budding director, writer, graphic artist, photographer, or any creative type that relies on a surge of ideas, you should find a tool that allows you to capture these ideas and lay it out for you. EverytimeHQ is a brainstorming and bookmarking tool for people who need to spark creativity and find sources of inspiration online.

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EverytimeHQ works as your personal repository of your media. To start, simply drag and drop any video, picture or audio file from your computer onto your dashboard. Then when you see a video that you like, paste its URL to import the video to your account. All this media is organized seamlessly in your view.

You can also create bookmarks within videos and add your own title, tags, and comment. View all your bookmarks in one column to organize your ideas or watch your bookmarks in a timeline to get an overview. Once you have your bookmarks, tags, and clips, you can start creating projects on your own artistic board. Here, you will see all your sources of inspiration and media next to each other to give you a more solid idea on what you are working on.

This excellent tool is available as a wep app and a desktop download. Free users get one project with unlimited users, and a 100-bookmark limit, while paid accounts can get up to 60 projects with unlimited users and bookmarks.

For more info watch demo video below:



  • Pool sources of inspiration to create your next creative project.
  • Add videos from your computer or by importing URLs.
  • Bookmarks and tag specific clips in videos.
  • View bookmarks, videos, and files in one board.
  • Web app and desktop app with Adobe Air available.
  • Free and paid options available.

Check out EveryTime HQ @

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