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Sheldon’s t-shirts have become just as iconic as the eccentric theoretical physicist himself. The Big Bang Theory is one of many television comedies adored around the world, but even more so by geeks 50 Things Every Geek Should Know 50 Things Every Geek Should Know If you're a geek, then you should know how to hide stuff in a JPEG image, why people should "try turning it off and on again" before they call the IT department, know the One... Read More and technology lovers. Along with his famous catch phrases, “Bazinga!” and, “I’m not crazy, my mother had me tested.” the show’s viewers share an inexplicable love for Dr. Sheldon Cooper’s t-shirts.

Here’s a list of every t-shirt Sheldon has ever worn in every episode of The Big Bang Theory, up until episode 7 of season 6 (infograph designed by

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via TeeHunter

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