Every T-Shirt Sheldon Cooper Has Ever Worn In The Big Bang Theory

Sheldon’s t-shirts have become just as iconic as the eccentric theoretical physicist himself. The Big Bang Theory is one of many television comedies adored around the world, but even more so by geeks and technology lovers. Along with his famous catch phrases, “Bazinga!” and, “I’m not crazy, my mother had me tested.” the show’s viewers share an inexplicable love for Dr. Sheldon Cooper’s t-shirts.

Here’s a list of every t-shirt Sheldon has ever worn in every episode of The Big Bang Theory, up until episode 7 of season 6 (infograph designed by RIPTApparel.com).

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via TeeHunter

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Bumferry H

Now there’s a thing. I would have thought somebody like Sheldon would have had a pattern for wearing clothes. He seems to have an obsessive compulsion for everything else….



Thank you for the shoutout for TeeHunter, Jackson! :)



I wonder how many would be all those…



Somebody should collect all the t-shirts and burn them.


Sarath J

Super !

A. Nonyme

Yes it’s !



sheldon says bazinga, not ba-tee-nga

Your Mom

Its a play on words genius


Dave R

Hi Jackson, you giving them all away in a Comp, some are seen a few times so don’t no just how many different T-Shirts that he did wear, but still a good Comp anyway lol.


Koshy G

You should have added a spoiler alert.

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