Every Second On The Internet…

Which do you reckon happens most often on the Internet: Google searches performed, YouTube videos watched, Facebook likes or emails sent? The numbers are astonishing, just take a look below. You might want to visit OneSecond.Designly.com to see it in action. There’s just so much happening on the Internet — even while you’re watching a 3 minute YouTube video, over 299 million emails were delivered. How mind-boggling is that?

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And I heard somewhere that email was dead.

Uh no.


Jack C

How on earth can more files be uploaded to DropBox than tweets tweeted?


I’m guessing because they count modified files as uploads.


Lisa O

In 15 years the world has been changing so much. I wonder how we’ll be in another 15 years?

Jackson Chung

We’ll be reviewing a couple of futuristic stuff in December that will make you believe that we’re living in the future.



What does one logo denote? 1 million?



oh i’m sorry… got it.. :-p it denotes one..

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