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It’s free-to-play The 3 Best Free MMO Games Available Online The 3 Best Free MMO Games Available Online Read More time for Everquest, a game that somehow had managed to retain a mandatory fee long after its sequel had abandoned it. Players can now hop in and enjoy the game (along with 17 of its expansions) simply by downloading the launcher from Sony Online Entertainment. Be prepared for a wait, though. It may be an older game, but there’s still 8 gigabytes of content to download.

If you’re an old-school fan of MMOs, you’ve almost certainly played Everquest. It was the most successful of the early games in the genre and it helped set the standard for how future games would operate. Now you can go back and enjoy some nostalgia – for free.

You’re probably wondering what the catch is. After all, the game may be free to play, but there are still two subscription tiers remaining, Silver ($5/month) and Gold ($14.99/month).

There are actually quite a few limitations on free accounts. You can only roll four classes (warrior, rogue, wizard or cleric) and only play four races (human, erudite, barbarian and gnome). Character slots are limited to two per server and there are limits on the coin you can earn and how you can use certain character advancement options. Anyone thinking of making a serious stab at playing Everquest again will probably end up with a Gold subscription.

However, this is the perfect chance to stop by and see how the old game is doing. Thirteen years has given the game plenty of time to add content, so you might find it a nice distraction while waiting for the next patch to Star Wars: TOR or Rift Know Your Soul: A Guide to Rift's Class System [Gaming] Know Your Soul: A Guide to Rift's Class System [Gaming] Read More .


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