Everpad: The Best Evernote Client For Ubuntu [Linux]

everpad icon   Everpad: The Best Evernote Client For Ubuntu [Linux]Get quick access to Evernote in Ubuntu. Whether you want to quickly pull up your latest note from the system tray, search every note in your archive from the dash or browse your notes from a lightweight, simple interface, Everpad is the closest thing to an official Evernote client for Ubuntu we’re likely to see. And that’s not necessarily a bad thing – Everpad is fantastic and fits in perfectly with the Ubuntu desktop.

Evernote has been around for years, but Linux users are for the most part left out – we called it one of the apps that desperately need to be ported to Linux. Sure, there’s always the web version and NixNote, but there’s never been a tool for those wanting quick access to their Evernote notebooks.

Until now. With Everpad you can access and edit all of your notes, and there’s even a drop-down menu of recent notebooks right in the system tray – something no official client offers (but should).

Using Everpad

Install Everpad and sign in to get started. Once you do you’ll see this familar icon in your system tray:

everpad panels   Everpad: The Best Evernote Client For Ubuntu [Linux]

The drop-down menu includes all of your recently created notes, perfect if you want to quickly read or edit a note. You can also quickly create a new note from this menu, meaning a way to record your thoughts is always a couple of clicks away.

Open a note and you can edit it. This simple window is easy to use, albeit without a few of the features Evernote enthusiasts love (such as to-do lists).

everpad note   Everpad: The Best Evernote Client For Ubuntu [Linux]

You can also, from the system tray, open a window with all of your notes, arranged by notebook. Note that nested notebooks aren’t supported, but beyond that everything should feel familiar.

everpad notes   Everpad: The Best Evernote Client For Ubuntu [Linux]

From here you can quickly find and open any one of your own notes.

Unity Integration

If you’re an avid user of Ubuntu’s dash you’re in luck. Everpad makes all of your Evernote notes searchable from the dash.

everpad unity   Everpad: The Best Evernote Client For Ubuntu [Linux]

This means you can quickly find that article you clipped 3 months ago by opening your dash and typing a few words from it. The dash seems useless at times, but this is extremely useful if you’re a dedicated Evernote user.


Ready to set this software up? You’ll need to open the Terminal and type these commands, one at a time:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:nvbn-rm/ppa
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install everpad

The first adds the Everpad PPA; the second updates your package list; the third installs Everpad.


Evernote’s branding team will almost certainly ask Everpad to change their name and their icon, but that won’t change the fact that this great program brings Evernote’s best features to the Ubuntu desktop. The Evernote team should thank them for that, because it removes a serious barrier to entry that previously stopped many from using the notetaking service.

Not sure how to use Evernote? Check out How to user Evernote: The Missing Manual, which goes over the application and its many features. Everpad isn’t commented on, but an awful lot is, so check it out to become familar with the service.

Do you want to share some Everpad tips? Leave them in the comments below, along with any questions. We love hearing from you.

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Brian Mok

Very useful. Thanks!

Justin Pot

Let us know how it works out for you!

Brian Mok

I really love it, but for some reason I can’t get it to start up when the system starts up. Overall, though, great app!


I don’t have too much notes so I use Yahoo Notepad. That seems like best with minimalism.

Justin Pot

Whatever works best for you.

Hiren Patel

will try this.

Deekshith Allamaneni

this seems to be the best. Integration with Unity is wonderful. Thanks for the app developer and for this article.

Justin Pot

The Unity integration is my favorite part.

Clyde Atwood

I need to check it out on my Linux box. It would be nice to have all my notes in one place.

Edwin Williams

Nice! I’ll have to take a look at this!

Alex Downs

Perfect, I love Evernote, I tried another one but this looks much better.

Justin Pot

If the other one you tried is Nixnote (Nevernote), you’re right: this is better. Enjoy.


I agree, the GUI of Everpad currently is better. But I have tried some developer releases of NixNote 2 and I think it will be great to use. :) BTW the Unity integration is awesome, I will use both Everpad and the web interface sometimes.

Kulwinder Rouri

Very nice post, this is what we need in Linux for taking notes.

Gavin Britton

Brilliant, i was looking for an evernote app in ubuntu… sorely lacking an official one…


Everything went fine until i ran the final command, and “the package could not be located”. Please help I have been using Uberwriter but Everpad seems much better.

Justin Pot

What version of Ubuntu are using? If it’s too old this probably won’t work.


All is good I had a typo on the install command. Thanks.


Doesn’t seem to work properly in KDE.

I can get the settings/exit menu, but no notes or window list of notes. :(


I’m finding the same with ubuntu 12.04. I can open the settings menu, but trying to open the actual app crashes the system.


I can’t install from this commands, ubuntu doesn’t locate de package.
Can I download it from somewhere else?

Justin Pot

Did you add the PPA? Also, I’m not sure this works with anything before Ubuntu 12.04.

Aaron Perez

Thanks for the post! I recently started using Evernote because of the Clearly web extension: http://evernote.com/clearly/. It allows you to read articles and blogs without the distractions of seeing adds and other content. You can also highlight text and clip webpages to Evernote. I highly recommend it!

Again, thanks for posting this. I’m starting to use Evernote exclusively and having a linux client is definitely a plus. I am having some trouble though with the Unity dash integration. I don’t see the Evernote icon on the dash so I can’t use it to search for my notes. Also, I often use tags to organize my notes but there doesn’t seem to be any functionality for adding or searching by tags.

Justin Pot

Restart Ubuntu and it should show up in the dash. What version of Ubuntu are you using? It’s possible it won’t show up in older versions. Can’t help you with the tagging: I’m not sure tagging is implemented at the moment.

Aaron Perez

Thanks for the response. Restarting the system applies the changes to the dash. While tags cannot be filtered within the application, that feature is provided through the dash… still no ability to add a tag to a note.


How do I move notes among notebooks?
This article convinced me to install Everpad/Evernote

Justin Pot

Everpad is an extremely limited interface for Evernote, and I don’t have access to a computer running it at the moment. I believe you can change which notebook something is in by clicking and dragging it, but if that’s not true I guess just use the web interface for Evernote.

David Commini

I stumbled across this program a few weeks back (with out reading this article) after I came across Evernote and installed it on my Android devices. I saw a few of the other clones out there but this one seemed to be the best, and I think it is by far. I really do love the Unity integration and it syncs so well. Now I can take notes or jot down my ideas and have them all in one place or on multiple devices.

Vince Aggrippino

Doesn’t work for me. The authentication with Evernote worked, but the menu only has Settings Manager and Exit. I’m using Ubuntu 12.10 with KDE 4.9.3.



I’ve “fighting” wine to make evernote work.

Everpad, works perfect in Mint 14.


Roger Parkinson

Fails to install on Ubuntu 11.10
Wants a version of python that isn’t available.
I was hoping to see if it worked okay without Unity, which I don’t like and have turned off.

Justin Pot

While this doesn’t work on 11.10 it does in Gnome Shell, from what I’ve read. But you’re going to need a new version of Ubuntu than 11.10, I think.

Teody C. Seguin

Thank you very much for this great article.. I was really frustrated when I found out that running Evernote via Wine, did not actually meet my expectations.. I’ve used the web version just to keep up my notes, but then, I still find my self, looking for a local interaction with evernote. This really helps..

thanks man :)


There are some problems with tables. I edit my note which has a table and save successfully. But when I use my browser to check, the contents are not stay in the table. Or say a 8 row table shriks to 3 and the contents moved below the table row by row.


Sadly there are hiccups. Really wish Evernote would put out an official Linux client…

Joe Berardis

Hi, I recently switched from kubuntu to mint 14 with cinamin 1.6. I saw this cool app and installed it but unfortunatly it doesnt seem give me access to the menu when i click on it, t only shows settings and management, and exit. I was wondering if there was a work around for this on mint 14.


Sorry, I don’t know much about Mint. Should work, though, but perhaps something needs to be updated to work with the interface. Anyone with specific experience have anything to add?


I’ve got it working on Mint 14, is seems Ok, however it did crash once with a Mint OS error… once started with configuation set, it shows up in the status bar. Way Cool!