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The Evernote Windows desktop app has been updated with two big improvements. You can now annotate your images inside the desktop app, and the syncing function is now extremely fast for business account owners and for those with “sizable accounts”.

With the new upgrade, if you want to annotate an image with text or symbols (like an arrow), you simply have to mouse over the image with your mouse. That will bring up an “annotation” button in the top right hand corner. That then brings up arrows, stamps, text, and shapes for you to release your creativity.

This has useful real-world uses other than doodling of course. You may want to plan out the interior design of a room with arrows pointing to what goes where. Or you may have copies of webpages stored away in your account. Having an annotation feature means you can make notes on the page, and more. The possibilities are endless.

Feature number two is faster sync between the desktop app and the server, but unfortunately this seems to be restricted to business account owners, and those with “sizable accounts” (their words). They don’t specify how big “sizable” is exactly.

Evernote claims that the new sync is so fast that “you won’t notice it at all”. Indeed when I tested it on my rather sizable account, the sync was extremely fast.


Stability of the app has also been improved. Which is nice, but I wish they would focus on fixing their web clipper instead. What do you think of the changes?

Source: Evernote

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