Evernote Updates Android App With Camera Mode, New Shortcut Menu, & More [Updates]

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Evernote users with Android devices are in for some awesome news today, with a major update to the note-taking app on Google Play. The update includes some slick new features and improvements, such as a new shortcut menu, a photo mode, and support for Evernote Smart Notebooks.

The first feature you’re likely to notice is the shiny new shortcuts menu – a quick swipe from the right side of the screen reveals a handy menu with access to almost anything you can dream of. Tap and hold any note, tag or notebook and choose “Add to Shortcuts” to have it available in the new shortcuts menu. This can save you quite a lot of taps when accessing frequently used elements.

The new camera mode adds a multi-shot feature which you can use to snap a series of photos and save them all in a single note for quick access later. Along with the camera mode, you’ll get support for the physical variant of Evernote notebooks – Evernote Smart Notebook. Instead of having to use a separate app, the functionality is now built right into the main Android app, which should come in handy if you prefer writing your notes by hand instead of on a smartphone keyboard.

This Evernote update comes at a strategic time, right after Google’s recent launch of its own note-taking application, Google Keep. If Evernote feels threatened by the new contender, this update should help it maintain its top spot in note-taking arena.

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