Evernote Clearly Removes Clutter From Webpages For Reading, Clipping Or Printing

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iphoto photo effectsRemove everything from any webpage Рthe header, the sidebar, the advertisements Рexcept for what you want to read. Then, if you like, send the article directly to Evernote or print it, clutter free. With Evernote Clearly, an extension for Firefox and Google Chrome, this only takes a couple of clicks.

Reading makes the web go around, but some web designers make thing hard for you by going out of their way to hide content. Busy sites are hard to read from. I’ve outlined several services to unclutter the web in the past. Evernote clearly is similar to these, with one key difference – it integrates seamlessly with Evernote, the Internet’s favorite web clipping application.

Clearly is created and supported by the Evernote team, so you know it’s not just some cheap hack. In fact, I frequently find it works when Evernote’s web clipper fails.

Using Evernote Clearly

Using this plugin isn’t difficult. Go to a webpage and click the button. It will turn a page like this:

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Into this:

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As you can see, Evernote Clearly removes everything but the article you’re trying to read.¬† This means you can focus on doing what you came to the site to do, free from distractions (I realize the initial site wasn’t exactly filled with clutter; it’s just what I happened to be reading at the time).

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Do you want to go back to the full version of the website? Just click the “back” arrow at the top-right.¬†Do you want to send the article to Evernote, for future reference? Click the “clip” button:

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This will send the article to your default notebook. I know, I wish I could choose the notebook this sends to. That’s not an option for now, but hopefully will be later.

Finally, if you’re a fan of paper, you can print the article in its newly print-friendly form. This is a great way to save on paper and ink, as only the article is printed.

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This is particularly useful for pages without a “print-friendly” version.

Custom Look & Feel

Now for the fun part – choosing your theme! There are four default themes you can choose from; try them all out and discover what you’d like to use.

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I disagree with Dave when it comes to dark backgrounds, so I chose the theme I think will be easiest on my eyes – white text on a black background. You can use any of these four themes, though.

Do you not like any of the default themes? Then design your own. Just head to the extension’s settings:

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This could lead to some ugly results if you don’t know what you’re doing, but can also be fun to play with.


I’ve written up more than a few services that free pages of clutter, but this is my favorite for a few reasons:

  • It works on Chrome and Firefox, the two browsers I switch between regularly.
  • It’s fast, something a few of these extensions struggle with
  • It integrates with Evernote, a service I regularly send articles to
  • It comes with a variety of themes, and lets me design my own.

Do you know of a service that does these things, or other things, better than Evernote Clearly? As always, I’m ready to discuss things with you in the comments below, so feel free to leave one.

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i follow makeuseof RSS. it seems that every article by justin pot is a keeper. good stuff.



Not only can’t you pick the notebook it goes to, you can’t sign out of Evernote once you’ve given it your password. Anyone using your browser can click the clearly button to send stuff to your Evernote and there is nothing to stop it except to uninstall clearly.



Funny. A few days ago I read an article here explaining how evil extensions are, when you can get the same result with a bookmarklet…

Justin Pot

Who knew: that’s actually the service Clearly is built on. I don’t think extensions are evil myself, but it’s always great to have a cross-browser option. Thanks for sharing!


clear guy

This is certainly the best reading extension out there. I have tried Readability and its many other forks but have not come upon any one which did not mess up the article. Clearly has worked great on any website that I have visited and all the converting happens locally. However, it is somewhat slower and bigger than the Readability forks out there. Not sure about memory usage. Anyone know?

Justin Pot

I don’t have any tests, only my own experience. And, to me, Clearly is faster than Readability and similar alternatives.


Glenda Carl

I find that on some websites Clearly doesn’t strip the tags or something, so that, when I go to clean up the clipping a little more once I get it into Evernote, I have to wrestle with odd invisible selection boxes and equally invisible links. This makes me crazy, but it’s still a small thing. Half my life is in Evernote, and I love the functionality Clearly provides.

Justin Pot

There’s no perfect tool out there that I know of. I’m glad you like the tool.


Do Huy Ngoc

a big fan of evernote here:)


Fakhruddin Ahmad

Ha.. so that’s what this thing do..
I’ve been wondering about it for a long time..
Thanks Justin!


Vineet Digga

This is nice. Works neat and actually makes reading easy. I wish they had a widget of sort so that we could implement this on our web sites. Would have been very useful there,



I have one question – If ads are erased from users’ view, how will this affect the web advertising publishers ? Is this not a clear loss of revenue for content publishers ?

Justin Pot

It’s true, which is why I recommend you only use this app on sites that overwhelm you so much with clutter that you can’t handle it.

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