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Your Evernote Web experience just got better, and that’s true even if you don’t use Evernote much yourself. Aside from a significant redesign to the Web interface, Evernote has also rolled out a brand new look for shared notes. Every version of Evernote lets you share notes via social networks, email, and more, and viewing these shared notes has gotten a whole lot nicer.

To start, the content of the shared notes is now much more visible, placed right in the center of the note. If the shared note has more than one image in it, you can click the Slideshow button to view all the images in a slideshow interface. You can also click the Share button to re-share the note with your friends, if you wish. If you’re logged into your own Evernote account, you can also copy the entire note into your own Evernote notebook.

Aside from shared notes, you can log into Evernote Web to see some nice design changes. You will now see a label at the top of the note list, so you always know which notebook you’re in. The notebook icons have been redesigned, as has been the green bar at the top of the entire interface. If you’re using a small screen, you can now easily hide the left notebooks list using an arrow button on the bottom left of the page.

While these are not huge usability changes, it’s nice to see a redesign done every now and then, and the changes to shared notes, notebooks and the sidebar could be very useful. What do you think of the new changes?

Source: Evernote Blog


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