Evernote Peek: Turning Your iPad 2 & Smart Cover Into A Cool Learning Tool

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evernote peek appWhile it’s better known as an entertainment gadget, the¬†iPad is also a student’s best friend. The slate can act as a perfect replacement for physical books and notebooks, a portable sketchpad, a mini multimedia player, and a great gaming device. There are also lots of apps that can help students in their study, such as¬†MathBoard and InClass.

One of those study tools is Evernote Peek from Evernote. If you are the proud owner of an iPad 2 and Smart Cover, you already have a cool learning tool.

Take A Peek

The Evernote Peek app is the modern manifestation of traditional flashcards. Using the app is as simple as opening and closing a lid of your iPad’s Smart Cover.

After downloading and installing the app, open a customized notebook and close the smart cover.

evernote peek app

Opening the bottom lid of the Smart Cover will reveal the bottom part of the note where the question is written. Try to answer the question, then check your answer by opening up the rest of the Smart Cover and read the answer on the upper part of the notebook.

evernote peek review

Tap the “Correct” or “Incorrect” box according to your answer. Then close the smart cover, and reopen the bottom lid to see the next question. Evernote Peek will keep a record of your correct and incorrect answers throughout the session.

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evernote peek review

You can see your result at the end of the session. Then you can choose another test or retake the previous test. You can also choose to redo only the incorrect answers.

evernote peek review

Creating Study Notes

Evernote Peek can use notes that you created in Evernote as study notes. But you must collect the notes in notebooks since Evernote Peek can only import notebooks.

Notebook is the place to collect questions and answers from the same subject. For example, you can create a notebook about World War II and fill it with notes about dates and events from the war.

To create a notebook, click the small arrow next to “Notebooks” in the Evernote sidebar. You can create notebooks using the web app and desktop clients, but you can’t create notebooks in Evernote for iPad.

evernote peek review

You can rename and delete the notebooks that you’ve created using the pop-up menu. If a notebook is grouped inside a stack, you can remove it using this menu.

Stack is a folder where you can collect notebooks from the same theme. To create a new stack, click the menu next to an unstacked notebook and choose “Add To Stack – New Stack“.

evernote peek review

After creating the notebook, you can start populating it with questions and answers. The correct way to write notes for Evernote Peek is to put the question as the subject and write the answer(s) in the body.

evernote peek notes

Try to keep the answer short because long answers will be truncated. You can attach images to the note, and it will be displayed on Evernote Peek.

evernote peek notes

Playing With Notebooks

Evernote Peek comes with three default notebooks. Adding more study notebooks to the Evernote Peek app is as simple as tapping the plus box.

evernote peek notes

You have to sign in using your Evernote account before you can download any notebook.

06 sign in to evernote

There are two sections in the notebook repository. “Featured Notebooks” contains ready to use materials created by Evernote and StudyBlue, while “My Notebooks” is filled with notebooks from your Evernote account.

08 choose notebooks

Tap any notebook that you want to add to Evernote Peek. Click “Done” after you have added all the notebooks you want. The notebooks will then be downloaded to the library.

09 downloading notebooks

To delete a notebook, tap and hold a specific notebook. Then choose “Delete Notebook“.

14 delete redownload

The “Re-Download” option is useful to update your notebook to the latest version. Use the option if you edit the source notebook in Evernote.

If there’s only one thing that will make Evernote Peek stand out above other similar apps, it would be the Evernote name as the backbone. It’s very easy to build a learning community and share notebooks. For example, students from the same class could form a study group and divide the creation of notebooks among themselves based on the subject. Every member could share their notebooks to others.

evernote peek app

Are you using Evernote and the iPad to help you study? Have you tried Evernote Peek? Do you know of and use other similar apps? Share your thoughts and recommendations in the comments below.

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