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With every new operating system comes shiny new interfaces, and one of the web companies who have brought out nice new shiny things this time is Evernote. This week they announced that their optimized new app for iOS 7 was being introduced, but it didn’t actually arrive on my iPhone 4S until a few minutes ago, as I was preparing to write this article. Talk about perfect timing.

The transformation is nothing short of a complete design overhaul, as if they were inspired by Apple’s decision to redesign iOS from the ground up.  Check it out below :

The app now has a very useful area at the bottom for typing quick notes, as well as taking photos, adding photos from your camera roll, adding bulleted lists, adding reminders, and adding ticked box lists. You can also tap on the different sections to see your tags, notebooks, recent notes, and shortcuts. And if you happen to have no tags or no shortcuts, those sections automatically disappear and everything moves up to create more space.

In the previous version, everything was tabbed, and therefore, to see one particular area such as notebooks, you had to tap on the relevant tab to be taken there.  The iOS 7 version, on the other hand, does away with tabs and puts everything on the same page where you can see it. It’s smooth, functional, and a total delight to use. You can even use iOS 7’s new Airdrop feature to share notes in your Evernote account.

Check out the YouTube video below which shows you more of what the new Evernote app has to offer. And let us know in the comments what you think of the new style.


Source: Evernote Blog

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