Evernote Announces Evernote Business And Smart Notebooks [Updates]

hero evernote   Evernote Announces Evernote Business And Smart Notebooks [Updates]Evernote announced last week the formation of what it’s calling Evernote Business in which its application and cloud services will be designed with additional features for small and medium size enterprises. Evernote also announced that it has developed in partnership with the classic paper notebook company, Moleskine, a new limited edition Evernote Smart Notebook that’s designed specifically for the new Evernote iOS application.

Evernote Business is set to begin in December, and the Evernote Smart Notebook by Moleskine is available for pre-order, starting at $24.95.

Evernote Business will include special capabilities for getting companies integrated with Evernote and related apps (e.g., Evernote Web Clipper, Skitch, Evernote Clearly, Evernote Hello), in which businesses can store and share notes, presentations, documents, etc. between employees and clients. The setup will also include an Administrative Console which enables companies to manage user access and all business data. These and other extra services will cost businesses $10 per month which will pay for all employees within a business.

eb hero   Evernote Announces Evernote Business And Smart Notebooks [Updates]

Evernote Smart Notebook is a collaboration with Moleskine which merges paper notebooks with Evernote’s digital notebook. Evernote says that it has updated its iOS app with a new Page Camera to make captures of content in the pages of the special notebook with ‘dotted’ rulings sharper and cleaner. Notes will include smart stickers to help organize captures into the app.

smart notebook   Evernote Announces Evernote Business And Smart Notebooks [Updates]

The Smart Notebooks will be available, in pocket and large size, with ruled or square paper styles. Evernote and Moleskine anticipate shipping ordered notebooks to be available on or about October 1st.

Source: TechCrunch

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Frederick Doe

Any idea how expensive these will be? Every notebook comes with a 3 month trial of Evernote Premium. I’ve you’re allowed to use more than one notebook code per account, it might be cost effective to spend $15 on a notebook and enjoy 3 months of Evernote Premium

Bakari Chavanu

I think I read that it’s $10 per company, and it pays for all the employees.

Haim Iqtell

Imagine what you could do if you’d be able to send moleskin pages via email or attach them to a date on online calendars. Join IQTELL’s beta and find out how our app integrates for free Evernote in one place to all your email accounts, calendars, to-do lists, projects, bookmarks and more.

Bakari Chavanu

Thanks, Haim, I’ll check out IQTELL.


nice move by them. I hope they will be able to attract lot of businesses.


Evernote is amazing, use it at least 5 times per day.

Bakari Chavanu

Thanks for the feedback.

Bakari Chavanu

Aungmyo, thanks for the feedback.