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What’s the biggest problem with every gadget you own? At one point or another, it runs out of battery. When that happens, it doesn’t matter how cool and expensive your gadget is, it’s as good as a brick until you charge it. Electricity is literally everywhere, and still, our phones and tablets run out of battery all the time. Why? According to the folks at FUZ Designs, it’s because charging is just too darn inconvenient. And they may have a point.

One way to solve the never-ending clutter of cables is a dock, but most docks are very specific. They’re either for iPhone and iPad (most cases), or for micro-USB connections. If you look for a dock that can do both, you’ll either find big and bulky things, or things that require some work to change the plugs.

Other solutions are popping up all over the place, and one of those solutions is FUZ Design’s EverDock. We received a pre-production unit of the EverDock Duo for testing, and see if the impossible — having a small and slick dock that can charge both iOS and Android devices — is actually possible. One lucky reader will also win a final version of the EverDock Duo worth $69! (ships in December)

What Is EverDock?

As briefly mentioned above, EverDock is a small dock that’s aimed at accommodating almost any type of phone or tablet you own. It’s a successfully funded Kickstarter project that managed to raise over $450,000 in 30 days. There are two versions of the EverDock available: a single-device dock, also known as plain the EverDock, and the EverDock Duo, which can hold and charge two devices.


The idea behind the EverDock is that it doesn’t come with built-in plugs. Rather, you get to use any cable you want inside the dock, thus letting you connect any device you have in the house to the EverDock. How does that work? To understand that, you first have to understand how the EverDock is built.


Made out of a slick one-piece aluminum body, the EverDock comes with two silicone adapters to fit your plugs in tightly, and two silicone protectors you can use to protect your device from the aluminum body. The silicone protectors on my model are attached using the silicone dot you can see below. The final versions will include a silicone strip for better attachment of the pads.


Flip the EverDock over, you’ll find little cable channels into which you thread your charging cables. Of course, the single version of the EverDock will only have one cable channel and one hole for the plug. The black areas on the bottom of the dock are the micro-suction pads, used the stabilize the dock to any surface.


Do you get the idea now? In order to charge your devices using EverDock, you need to get the right cables, thread them through the cable adapters and cable channels, stick the EverDock on your desk or to any other surface, plug the cables in, and charge your devices. It should all look something like this.


Using The EverDock Duo

Unlike the final model of the EverDock, which will come with some sort of instructions booklet, all I had was the EverDock, and I tried to figure out how to connect my devices. All in all, it wasn’t too complicated. But I did hit a few snares.

First, I tried to connect my iPad Mini. The iPad’s Lightning connector fit right into the silicone cable adapter, making my life super easy.


The cable adapter then fits into its slot in the EverDock, leaving the connector sticking out just enough to plug into the iPad (or iPhone). The plug is held steady by the adapter, so it’s easy to plug the device in and out without moving the plug or the cable.


If you own an older iOS device, the EverDock works great with Apple’s 30-pin connector as well. In this case you don’t have to use the silicone cable adapter. Simply thread the cable in from the top, USB end first, and pull it all the way through until the 30-pin plug sits comfortably in the slot.


But Apple docks are a dime a dozen. What about Android? As expected, things didn’t work so smoothly with my micro-USB cables. As we all know, these cables are not all made equal, and it just happens that none of the three cables I had in the house would fit the EverDock properly.


As you can see, the plug is simply too wide, and would not fit into the adapter. After trying three different cables with the same result, I decided to try fitting the cable into the EverDock like this and see what happens. The result was a dock I could use to charge my Android device, but it wasn’t as sexy nor as convenient as with my iPad.


After trying my own cables, though, I found out that the final production EverDock units will ship with special micro-USB cables that fit in the same adapter as the Lightning plug, so you have nothing to worry about. You probably won’t be able to use any micro-USB cable you already have in the house, though.

Once both cables are threaded and plugged into the wall, it’s time to place the EverDock in its desired location. The micro-suction pads come covered in plastic. Once you remove that, the EverDock will stick firmly onto any smooth surface you place it on. While the pads are not glue, they sure feel like it, and dirt does tend to stick to them irremovably. Unlike glue, however, you can pick up the dock (with a little effort) and move it to a different location at any time you choose.


The EverDock adheres nicely to surfaces, making it easy to plug and remove devices without the whole thing moving, slipping or falling. While the guys at FUZ Designs managed to use the EverDock to pull their entire weight without it coming off, I tried sticking it to my window, from which it promptly fell on the floor (device-less, of course). I can’t see why sticking the dock to a window or a wall would be comfortable anyway, though, and as long as you keep to fairly horizontal surfaces, you have nothing to worry about. It did look nice on the windows, though.


In order for the EverDock to stick well, you need to make sure it’s really lying flat on the surface. If the cables are not completely tucked in underneath, you may end up with a wobbly dock. I didn’t find this to be too much of a problem, and as the final dock should have even better cable channels, this shouldn’t be an issue for you at all.

Should You Buy The EverDock?

The EverDock is a great little invention, and with the right micro-USB cable, is a great way to charge any device you own. Keep in mind that while switching a cable over in the dock is not hard work, it might not be something you’re going to want to do several times a day.

At the end of the day, if you regularly need to charge just one device, go with the regular EverDock, but if you need to use two types of plugs on a regular basis, get the EverDock Duo.

The EverDock is a solid, beautiful and fairly priced dock that doesn’t tie you in to any device. Decided to switch your iPhone for a Windows Phone? The EverDock is just as useful as ever. Traded your Nexus 7 for an iPad? No problems there, either. If you’re tired of investing in docks just to have them turn useless on you, EverDock is a perfect solution.

MakeUseOf recommends: Buy it.

How do I win the EverDock Duo?

You may enter by submitting your name and email address. You’ll receive one entry simply by doing so.

After that, you’ll also be offered various methods to earn additional entries. They range from sharing a link to this giveaway on social networks; to commenting or visiting a specific page. The more you participate, the higher your chances of winning! You will receive 5 additional entries into the giveaway for every successful referral via your shared links.

This giveaway begins now and ends Friday, November 15. The winner will be selected at random and informed via email.

The Winner

Congratulations, Jen Bolander! You would have received an email from Please respond before December 8 to claim your prize. Enquires beyond this date will not be entertained.

Send your products to be reviewed. Contact Jackson Chung for further details.

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  1. Ted Scheck
    November 27, 2013 at 11:35 pm

    Send me 1.

  2. Lesley F
    November 14, 2013 at 7:20 pm

    I like that you can use it on more than one device

  3. Von Adam Martinez
    November 12, 2013 at 5:25 pm

    I love the creative thinking behind it and I am hoping thy would manufacture a wider one for the tablets, I just can't imagine using that with my nook :)

  4. JT
    November 12, 2013 at 2:52 pm

    I like EverDock's minimalist design :)

  5. Sara A
    November 12, 2013 at 2:41 pm

    Love that two phones can charge. Downside might be the stability or durability.

  6. Matthew Couto
    November 10, 2013 at 9:21 pm

    I love the idea of being able to sync my iPhone and iPad using a single, beautiful dock!

  7. Mohammad W
    November 10, 2013 at 11:09 am

    good : I like its portability
    Bad: i don't like its white color more than two device should be attach

  8. Sam K
    November 10, 2013 at 10:38 am

    Good- it can power 2 devices
    Bad- the pin end of the cable could suffer a damage over the period of time due to prolonged bending.

  9. Ariel
    November 10, 2013 at 2:31 am

    It can hold two devices.

  10. Muhammad Hadi N
    November 10, 2013 at 1:57 am

    Can this Everdock hold my Asus PadPhone

  11. Dirk M
    November 9, 2013 at 11:37 pm

    mostn significant points are the ability ton charge every phone and the pleasing design (it nearly looks apple-like: object d'arte ;) )

  12. Mychal H
    November 9, 2013 at 2:12 pm

    The fact you can charge any device, be a phone, tablet, or a gaming device. And the dock actually looks good. Maybe have one in black though, but it looks good now!

  13. Ismail K
    November 9, 2013 at 10:21 am

    can only charge the device which fits in the dock

  14. Cheridene B
    November 9, 2013 at 8:54 am

    Charging any phone is great

  15. Gregory B
    November 8, 2013 at 9:16 pm

    I am able to charge my Samsung tablet and a LG phone at same time. design flaw? cant think of any.

  16. Juan Paulo Ducut
    November 8, 2013 at 4:07 pm

    you can place a tablet and a phone. design flaw? cant think of any.

  17. paula s
    November 8, 2013 at 2:03 pm

    Charging any phone is great

  18. Patrick Saunders
    November 8, 2013 at 6:15 am

    Having now obtained a new blackberry, i need something to hold it with my tablet that is well made

  19. Chuck Cortes
    November 8, 2013 at 1:46 am

    Love the idea although I don't actually own any Apple devices that would be connected to this but we do have several Android devices. Flaws? Maybe rather than providing micro USB cables that fit they should make silicone adapters of different sizes because if the ones they provide break we are then forced to buy new ones from them, if they sell them separately, where as the silicone adapters can be easier to make and easier to sell in batches of multiple sizes while giving the user the ability to use any cable handy.

  20. Ascalion
    November 7, 2013 at 5:00 pm

    Would be great if the two phones we'rent facing each other or something, one behind the other is kind of weird in my opinion.

  21. Francis Imperial
    November 7, 2013 at 8:48 am

    As a dock its always a good thing for your phone to be your night clock. But the flaw might be the charger being bend whenever you pull it out from the dock

  22. Antony
    November 6, 2013 at 5:40 pm

    Charging any device is a plus point.. But it is small and width is not adjustable..

  23. Maribel Ramirez
    November 6, 2013 at 11:07 am

    I love that you can use it to charge ipads too. The pads might become less sticky when it is old.

  24. Judith S
    November 6, 2013 at 7:45 am

    Slots for my phone and tablet allow me to use only one outlet.

  25. Choon K
    November 5, 2013 at 6:32 pm

    It's cool to able to dock two devices!

  26. Scott H
    November 5, 2013 at 6:18 pm

    i would use this to charge my nokia and my blackberry

  27. Norbert G
    November 5, 2013 at 9:15 am

    Cool idea, and slick design, You can put almost any cable there, and it still looks like it's made for your apple or android-driven gear. I think they will work they way around the micro-USB connector.

    Despite the sticky pads, I hope it's heavy so I wouldn't be able to move it, after a few months in a dusty environment the pads could get less sticky. I would also prefer the cables to "exit" the dock next to each other not with the 5 mm space between them.
    And for the older devices, there could be not enough space in the second dock (from the front).

  28. Phil H
    November 5, 2013 at 4:28 am

    I guess it solves a serious problem in need of a $69 solution for some people. I might seriously consider a Chinese knockoff version for $5.

  29. Hugo D
    November 5, 2013 at 2:55 am

    Dual slots for both my S3 and Nexus 7 :)

  30. Alexander
    November 4, 2013 at 5:47 pm

    I like the dual charging/stand

  31. N.S.
    November 4, 2013 at 12:39 am

    I love the ability to charge both my Android and iPod devices at the same time; a potential design flaw could be the inability to use any of my current micro USB cables.

  32. Stephan H
    November 3, 2013 at 4:06 pm

    I like the customisation possibilities and that it can load two devices at once.

  33. Ken Warford
    November 3, 2013 at 5:41 am

    This is the type of base/dock I have been pleading to be made so that it can be set up to wirk with almost any phone connection. I still refuse to buy docks like alarm clock styled because thay are only good for as long as you own that one phone. There has to be standards made so connectors are always in similar places and facing the same direction. Now if they will build this into a good alarm/speaker system I'd buy some of those.

  34. Ashley Miller
    November 3, 2013 at 5:39 am

    Would use this for my girls tablets and cell phones =)

  35. FRANK
    November 3, 2013 at 3:43 am

    Can charge two devices at the same time

  36. Muhammad S
    November 3, 2013 at 1:10 am

    I like Dual Phone in One stand Idea! :D

  37. Andrew
    November 3, 2013 at 12:27 am

    I like the flexibility of the EverDock's design.

  38. William Attkisson
    November 3, 2013 at 12:02 am

    Great idea. A well thought out design: metal dock, attachment to surface, interchangeable cables and one handed removal. I funded them on Kickstarter.

  39. Rajee P
    November 2, 2013 at 10:17 pm

    to display it in my kitchen

  40. Dmitriy S
    November 2, 2013 at 9:10 pm

    Because you can charge two devices at the same time!

  41. Boet W
    November 2, 2013 at 6:58 pm

    Yay, now I can display my phone sidways!

  42. Gen
    November 2, 2013 at 3:50 pm

    I think this is supper cool as it's totally customizeable for any device. This might be problematic for devices that have charging points on the sides of their bodies.

  43. Sharon
    November 2, 2013 at 2:46 pm

    Can charge 2 devices at once

  44. Junil M
    November 2, 2013 at 2:15 pm

    can't think of any flaw right now but it seems a great way to dock

  45. Jeff
    November 2, 2013 at 11:18 am

    that is can hold more than 1 type of device

  46. Peter H
    November 2, 2013 at 10:48 am

    I can show off my gadgets while they are charging. It assumes your devices have their micro-usb connect in the same place. I have a device that has the micro-usb connection on its side.

  47. Alex
    November 2, 2013 at 7:10 am

    I like it that you can save money in the long run and you can load your smartphone and tablet at the same time. A possible design flaw could be that the cables will be stressed to much if placed into the dock.

  48. maricel
    November 2, 2013 at 6:03 am

    I like that it can hold and charge two devices at the same and the micro suction pads on the bottom. Great invention.

  49. benji
    November 2, 2013 at 3:55 am

    so convenient

  50. Roman K
    November 2, 2013 at 2:44 am

    Done stepps

  51. Adam
    November 2, 2013 at 2:44 am

    The Everdock is a great idea for charging devices universally, but I think that it may be slightly useless if it tips over, and you could just plug your device into a wall socket.

  52. Sampath S
    November 2, 2013 at 2:02 am

    I like this because we can charge two devices at the same time

  53. Liju Scaria
    November 1, 2013 at 10:16 pm

    Customisability is the advantage but it looks like a DIY project and not something you buy or sell to me.

  54. savannah
    November 1, 2013 at 7:34 pm

    I like it because you can charge two devices at the same time

  55. RcRon7
    November 1, 2013 at 7:25 pm

    Finally a Dock that can be used for years to come. I like that I'll be able to use it with my iPad and Android phones. Best part is I can just change it out when the next plug comes along.

  56. Gord
    November 1, 2013 at 5:50 pm

    I like it because it helps to keep my devices in one place to charge.

  57. MikeC
    November 1, 2013 at 4:54 pm

    Nifty idea where i can dock 2 different device in one! So all good for me.

  58. Mack McManus
    November 1, 2013 at 4:48 pm

    I like the design, especially with two docks. I could use three or four slots with four Android tablets/phones, plus an Android tablet (10.1) witha pin plug in an awkward position.

  59. Bart B
    November 1, 2013 at 4:14 pm

    The Micro USB cabled for Android devices is a downfall, but I do like the sturdy aluminum construction and the non-slip pads on the bottom.

  60. Liz P
    November 1, 2013 at 4:09 pm

    Is the 2nd slot large enough to accommodate phone encased in an "otterbox" type bulky case? I actually like that the small footprint :)

  61. Daniel Ooi
    November 1, 2013 at 3:32 pm

    I like the dock because it can charge 2 devices at the same time but it also its design flaw is, you can access both at the same time.

  62. Kathy Scott
    November 1, 2013 at 3:28 pm

    Yes - there are 5 iPhones in my household.

  63. AK
    November 1, 2013 at 3:24 pm

    Expensive and doesn't look like it would hold an iPhone in an Otterbox!

  64. Dany B
    November 1, 2013 at 3:15 pm

    The desingn flaw I can see is, if you have a bigger case your device won't fit in it.

  65. Meredith J
    November 1, 2013 at 2:07 pm

    I like it, but my devices probably wouldn't fit it in their cases.

  66. Thomas Jones
    November 1, 2013 at 1:08 pm

    It's great for us bilingual (iOS & JB) - we can charge both devices while we sleep!
    As long as the charging cables will fit through the slots. Will the iPad fit, as well, or will it topple over?

  67. magykmaster
    November 1, 2013 at 10:58 am

    I mean wireless charging (qi standard)

  68. magykmaster
    November 1, 2013 at 10:57 am

    Wish it has NFC.....

  69. Anna Marie M.
    November 1, 2013 at 8:52 am

    Since its a dock, no need to keep charger cables. I don't see any design flaw from it. Great invention!

  70. Dorothy H
    November 1, 2013 at 5:01 am

    A lot of people with $69 burning holes in their pockets. I guess they need to have their expensive pretty devices propped up nicely so they can admire them while they are charging.

  71. Va D
    November 1, 2013 at 4:53 am

    It looks nice, however $69 for a cell phone holder is pretty ridiculous. I use my tablet/laptop dock that cost me like $5 to hold my tablet, phone, and other electronics in a similar manner. I also could just make one out of a pencil holder, case, hanger, etc to do the same thing.

    Of course since I don't have one this is just all speculation.

  72. Yogi
    November 1, 2013 at 4:34 am

    Sorry, Am I missing something here.. If you still have to have your own cables and plug those into the wall what is the point of this dock? It's not solving anything.

  73. Tim Bain
    November 1, 2013 at 4:15 am

    I'm impressed that it's not specific to one type of device. It looks a little easy to knock over with 2 tablets in though

  74. Leoner G
    November 1, 2013 at 4:03 am

    Two at the same time...

  75. Alexander G
    November 1, 2013 at 3:17 am


  76. jea smith
    November 1, 2013 at 3:15 am

    i love how it make it so simple to recharge!!

  77. Nero T
    November 1, 2013 at 2:43 am

    I like the micro-suction pads, it's seems useful and I don't think this dock is suitable for sticking in the wall. Beside, the space cells is pretty narrow, I wonder whether it can charge the device that has curved screen.

  78. John C
    November 1, 2013 at 2:17 am

    Nice and compact, duo charging ability. Can't think of any flaws.

  79. buo
    November 1, 2013 at 1:42 am

    It's small, portable. Can't think of its flaw

  80. Eugene Y
    November 1, 2013 at 12:44 am

    Nice design, quite suitable for Apple devices.

  81. Krastan D
    October 31, 2013 at 11:49 pm

    its cute

  82. Kenneth M
    October 31, 2013 at 11:30 pm

    I like it just the way it is

  83. Jasmin Jat
    October 31, 2013 at 10:58 pm

    Duo. Makes life easier :)

  84. Kevin E
    October 31, 2013 at 10:03 pm

    What I like is that the EverDock Duo is awesome! It's a nice little space saver and a nice looking little space saver. Not to mention it serves a critical purpose and charges your devices!

  85. Awesome Sauce
    October 31, 2013 at 9:54 pm

    I think it's great, but the rubber adapter should come in different openings so you can customize based on the micro UBS connector you have.

  86. Travis F
    October 31, 2013 at 8:44 pm

    if your phone doesnt charge from the bottom

  87. Kevin
    October 31, 2013 at 8:38 pm

    Wondering if a smartphone will hook up with a case on it - like the Otterbox that has a rubber flap that needs to be pulled down, uncovering
    the charging connector, leaving the rubber flap bent down or back.

  88. Ryan
    October 31, 2013 at 8:27 pm

    Simple Concept that could enable flexibility with regards to your phone chargers or cables, you don't have to buy anything addition. I But I'm not sure how something like an ipad 3 would be on that. if it would be stable enough :S

  89. Keith W
    October 31, 2013 at 7:47 pm

    It seems like a great idea - I can't see any problems withit.

  90. Bob Pianka
    October 31, 2013 at 7:45 pm

    I like the industrial design.

  91. Obed C
    October 31, 2013 at 7:44 pm

    It should have been horizontal not vertical because you can't see the phone at the back.

  92. Shiraz
    October 31, 2013 at 7:02 pm

    Good Design For I Phone 5

  93. Howard M
    October 31, 2013 at 6:53 pm

    I like the design but think it could be a little further from each other.

  94. Jack Craig
    October 31, 2013 at 6:40 pm

    Really nice design that blends in nicely with the oter devices on my desk.

  95. Filipe Antunes
    October 31, 2013 at 6:29 pm

    I love it. Wouldn't change a thing on it.

  96. Sam T
    October 31, 2013 at 6:17 pm

    not sure,, looks awesome,

  97. Dharmarules
    October 31, 2013 at 5:32 pm

    I love that it looks like a computer/tech challenged person like myself could use this easily, good luck with this and thank you for the contest.

  98. BigDaadee
    October 31, 2013 at 5:20 pm

    I like that you can charge with different devices, but as the picture shows, one phone is covering up the other screen. I have the XtremeMac for my iPad2 and 4S or older phone, but now that I am using a 5S, it's not an option anymore.

    I think You could probably make the same stand out of Legos. I am sure there is already something out there already.

  99. Joanna
    October 31, 2013 at 4:55 pm

    I like the idea of having two smart phones or tablet charging at the same time in one dock.

  100. Todd S
    October 31, 2013 at 4:40 pm

    I absolutely love this dock, but the price is a bit much. Could they make it cheaper out of plastic?

  101. WayneMac
    October 31, 2013 at 4:13 pm

    Like that is able to work with older Apple iPhone. A potential problem may a high center of gravity when used with Android devices and may tip over too easily.

  102. Julian
    October 31, 2013 at 4:08 pm

    works with different kinds of devices :)

  103. Vic L
    October 31, 2013 at 4:03 pm

    I like the idea of having two gadgets in one dock, nowadays that may smartphone users have two or more gadgets at hand. The design flaw that I encounter is the second dock is hidden by the unit at the front if you charging two units. A back to back design I think is much better. I know many of us check their phones while in the dock.

  104. David Gengler
    October 31, 2013 at 3:59 pm

    I am the creator of the EverDock and I really appreciate all the love. I'd like to clear up a couple areas of confusion if that's ok. It's really due to our sending out preproduction units without all the proper parts and instructions. Sorry about that. The production units will be going out in December.

    As Yaara pointed out, we didn't send any micro-USB cable with his sample so he was unable to test that functionality. The cables were being tooled when we sent his. They are complete now and they work great. As you can see in Yaara's photos, the micro-USB cable he had in the EverDock did not fit in the channel and protruded out of the channel. This is what prevented the EverDock from sticking to the window and probably created a pretty wobbly experience on a table. The micro-USB cable included with the final EverDock is designed to fit exactly the same as Apple's OEM cables. They fit tightly and securely and lock the cable firmly in place without any screws or tools. We have done extensive testing and were surprised to find that the cables in the channel (which are slightly bent toward the end) did not show any sign of wear over a few months of testing vs. cables we used normally that wore out over time. Interestingly, the EverDock protects cables and extends the life of your cables.

    Regarding dust and dirt, our instructions will point out that a simple piece of tape fixes that problem completely. Simply put a piece of tape over the dirty microsuction and remove it slowly and it will remove any dust or dirt completely and restore the holding power right back to when new. It is an amazing material that never wears out. Because of the strong holding power of the microsuction, you will NEVER have to worry about the EverDock lifting off a surface by accident or becoming wobbly. It really is that cool. Perhaps Yaara could clean his sample with tape and make sure any cables he has in the dock are firmly tucked in the channel and he can confirm this for everyone.

    Random responses to questions: The connectors don't move at all once the cable is pulled tight and pushed down into the channel. Using the included micro-USB cable will allow you to charge a USB 3.0 device like the Note 3 at full speed (the charger dictates the speed), Data transfer on a USB 3.0 device using our cable will be standard 2.0 speed, not 3.0. The EverDock works fine with devices that have charging ports on the side. Our programmer has one and it is pictured on the device compatibility section of our website. The thoughts about a stadium arrangement or side-by-side arrangement for the Duo are clever. Maybe in a future iteration, we could consider something like that.

    Thanks for all your comments and feedback. You guys will love the production version.

  105. moorandro
    October 31, 2013 at 3:44 pm

    Useful if you have devices you need to charge at the same time, and design

  106. moorandro
    October 31, 2013 at 3:43 pm

    Useful if you have devices you need to charge at the same time, and design

  107. Tiago R
    October 31, 2013 at 3:43 pm

    Liked: charging multiple devices is good
    Flaw: maybe they could have design it so the devices could be back to back so that way the screen of the second wouldn't be hidden!

  108. Bruce
    October 31, 2013 at 3:42 pm

    I like that you can use it for IOS and Android devices.

  109. Mihir C
    October 31, 2013 at 3:40 pm

    I like the dual charging feature the most and as for the flaw, wire twisting or bending can be an issue to be fixed!

  110. Anthony
    October 31, 2013 at 3:21 pm

    I like being able to charge things but still use them - having my tablet or phone sat there visible next to my screen sounds very useful.

    Down side to the dual model: you can't see both screens. Not sure that could be easily fixed as you' have to have them side by side, which would make it a very big stand. So maybe just accept that and stick your phone at the back, and have bigger tablet screen at the front.

  111. Viatcheslav LItvinenko
    October 31, 2013 at 3:20 pm

    Liked: The Design of the dock, use your own charging cables, non-slip mat
    Flaw: A bit close the one another if someone who has a ticker case. Perhaps not much of a flaw but it would be nice to charge devices in a landscape mode

  112. Jennifer H.
    October 31, 2013 at 3:18 pm

    it's a little oddly shaped but I think it's ok.

  113. abdullah
    October 31, 2013 at 3:17 pm

    If they are available in more designs and types It would be much better .

  114. Bryan L
    October 31, 2013 at 3:15 pm

    I have several devices from different manufacturers, and all have different adapters. Stellar!!!

  115. west
    October 31, 2013 at 3:08 pm

    cable curving may be a problem but the more chargers availablve the better in our house

  116. Eric B
    October 31, 2013 at 3:05 pm

    I'd guess that a USB3 connector would be out of the question for this dock. Just got a note 3 and it uses a usb3 connector. I suppose i could use an old spare micro usb cable. I don't know if it will charge as fast or as well on usb2.

  117. Josh G
    October 31, 2013 at 2:58 pm

    Thinking it'll take up less surface space.

  118. Ismael R
    October 31, 2013 at 2:54 pm

    The best part of this dock is (obviously) having your two primary devices in one spot. As for the micro-usb issue...I'm confident that a little delicate trimming can fix, if necessary. I'd gladly rock it.

  119. Fritz R
    October 31, 2013 at 2:50 pm

    Make it modular :)

  120. Cynthia Swanton
    October 31, 2013 at 2:46 pm

    I have several devices from different manufacturers, and all have different adapters. This would be an ideal solution.

  121. Joseph Pius P
    October 31, 2013 at 2:35 pm

    Looks awesome.........
    Wouldn't be of use to phone's having slots on their side and L-shaped charger pins..

  122. Beh H
    October 31, 2013 at 2:33 pm

    Like most: It can dock two devices at once!
    Design flaw: Maybe it won't be stable when I put some heavier tablets on it.

  123. Em B
    October 31, 2013 at 2:32 pm

    I like that all my devices would be in one central location

  124. Swetank Raj
    October 31, 2013 at 2:12 pm

    Liked: The Design and easy of use.
    Flaw: Useful for phones having above or below charge points. (guess so!!)

  125. Diane W
    October 31, 2013 at 2:02 pm

    I like that it will be easier to plug devices in. Dust may be an issue.

  126. Bruno C
    October 31, 2013 at 1:57 pm

    I think it's a great stand. I just don't like curving the cables that much (I live in Brazil - even a simple cable is expensive here).

  127. Milan
    October 31, 2013 at 1:51 pm

    Like: clean and functional design.
    Flaw: like others mentioned, there should be a stop for the cable so it stays put.

  128. bioadam
    October 31, 2013 at 1:40 pm

    Everdock is awesome. Looks heavy enough and adaptable enough. The second stand might scratch the screen though, and should be either set up like stadium seating or use a non-scratching soft surface on the back of the first stand.

  129. Joe
    October 31, 2013 at 1:35 pm

    I like that I'll be able to have one slot for my Note 3 and wife's feature phone and another slot for our iPads/iPods.

  130. Yuval P
    October 31, 2013 at 1:32 pm

    Like: the materials and colors
    Flaw: make it separable

  131. Scott H
    October 31, 2013 at 1:25 pm

    do like that very useful

  132. Jim
    October 31, 2013 at 12:55 pm

    Like: The overall design especially the heft of the dock.
    Concern: After seeing the issue of connectivity with the Android device (article) that is a little concerning. However, as a converted Apple household I would strongly consider this dock.

  133. Contest Entrant
    October 31, 2013 at 12:24 pm

    Like most: I love minimal design and anything aluminum.
    Design flaw: It appears that cards can be pushed back into the device - once seated, there should be a rigid 'stop' behind the head of the cable so that this cannot happen.