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There are many note taking applications on the internet. Of them all, Evernote is perhaps the most popularly used one. People can use the app’s interface to record notes and sort them into various notebooks. All sorts of notes are recorded on the site – personal as well as work related. Many of these notes include information that you would like to include while composing an email. In such a situation, you would first access your Evernote account, copy the note’s text, and then sign into your email provider to paste the text into an email. In case you have to add another note, you have to re-login into Evernote. Here to save you from the inconvenience of switching between your email provider and Evernote to add notes into emails, is a user-friendly tool called Everbot.

integrating evernote gmail

Everbot is a free to use browser tool that comes in the form of an add-on for Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and Apple Safari web browsers. The app integrates your Evernote notes into your Gmail interface. You start by installing this add-on into your browser and then giving it authorization to your Evernote account. From then onwards, whenever you are about to write an email in Gmail using the Evernote installed browser, you will find a button that lets you insert created notes into your emails. Apart from this, you can find a button to send emails to your Evernote account while reading them.



  • A user-friendly browser add-on
  • Compatible with Safari, Chrome, and Firefox
  • Imports notes from Evernote into Gmail
  • Can send Gmail conversations to Evernote

Check out Everbot @


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  1. Keith S
    April 23, 2013 at 12:24 am

    Oh, yeah! Now THAT'S what I'm talkin' about! Thank you M.U.O.