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Evernote is a popular online note-taking application while OneNote is a popular offline note-taking application. If you use both applications and are looking for a way to import Evernote notes into OneNote, then you will find Ever2One Converter very helpful.

evernote to onenote converter

Ever2One Converter is an installable application for Windows computers. The application lets you enter your Evernote details and then asks you to specify the folder where you want to import the notes.

evernote to onenote import

Then you select which attributes of the notes you would like to import.

ever2one converter


Next the app ports the notes to the folder you had earlier specified.


  • A user-friendly desktop application.
  • Compatible with Windows computers.
  • Lets you import Evernote notes to OneNote.
  • Lets you select the note attributes you want to import.

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