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Many websites lets you create webpages for events. But not all of them facilitate payments in case your event requires tickets for entry. If you need to setup such an event, check out a web service called “EventWax.”

create event web page

EventWax is a wonderful web service that has been around for quite some time. The site lets you create webpages for all types of events. You can enter the event’s important information; all of this appears in a simple format on the event’s page: a description, a location, a time, and the total capacity.


Visitors to your event’s page can view how many places are yet available for the event. They can sign up for the event and view the different types of tickets you have specified in the case even is a non-free-entry type. All major credit cards are accepted by the site and payments are delivered to your PayPal account. The information of the people who sign up is all displayed on your events dashboard. Other features of the website include letting your export attendee’s data to CSV and XML files, and tracking signups through an event RSS feed.



Check out EventMax @

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