eType: Windows Tool To Auto-Complete Words, Spell Check & Translation (500 Invites)

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eType is a great replacement for Typing Tutor programs. Typing Tutors help improve the accuracy and speed of your typing through practice; eType, on the other hand, tries to intuitively figure out which word you want to type and helps you choose from a list of narrowed-down words.

eType works on Windows and is sized at nearly 5MB. Its installation is quite standard and is over in a few moments. After you have the program installed, it sits in your system tray; the icon in the tray can be used to either disable or enable eType.

etype   eType: Windows Tool To Auto Complete Words, Spell Check & Translation (500 Invites)

No periodic notifications or messages are displayed to disrupt your work. All the tool does is display a list of word options each time you start typing (view picture below for example). You can press the directional arrows to choose the words in the list, press ENTER / SPACE to select a word, or press the ESC key to cancel word selection. The program even offers different dictionaries through which you can instantly look up word translations and synonyms.

etype1   eType: Windows Tool To Auto Complete Words, Spell Check & Translation (500 Invites)


eType is a freeware program and currently in beta. There are 500 instant beta invites exclusively available for MakeUseOf readers.

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