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I have always loved etymology. Knowing the origin of a word interests me because it tells a story of people and societies, what they think about the world, and how words evolve to adapt to the realities of its usage. If you are an etymology geek, then you should check out Etymonline. This website lets you find the etymology of a word taken from various sources, helping you to study its roots.

online etymology dictionary

Etymonline basically serves as a historical dictionary. For each entry you will find several meanings and explanations including the date used for the old word, the origin language and its meanings. You can also read about the different words that share the same origin and then click through them to read their entries.

Etymonline is an English-only website. Still, it is interesting to see how different languages gave birth to English words we have today. This tool is useful for anyone who is interested where a name, place, or any word came about.


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