ES File Explorer – The Best File Manager For Android [Android]

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es file explorer   ES File Explorer   The Best File Manager For Android [Android]Android doesn’t come with a file manager. Google thinks file managers are part of the past – a complicated tool that we shouldn’t need when our data is stored in the cloud and retrieved on-demand by the apps we use. However, we don’t all live in that world yet. For those of us who need a file manager on Android, ES File Explorer is the best, most powerful option. Even better, it’s completely free.

ES File Explorer is packed with features. Far from being a lightweight mobile app, it’s more powerful than a desktop file management application like Windows Explorer.

Basic File Management

ES File Explorer includes all the basic file management functions you’d expect from a file manager. It’s like having a desktop file manager on your smartphone or tablet. As well as the ability to view and manage the contents of your SD card or internal storage, ES File Explorer allows you to:

  • Select multiple files or folders by tapping the Select button on the toolbar and tapping each file or folder. You can also Select All in the current view.
  • Perform operations on a single file or folder by long-pressing it. You can use Cut, Copy, Pste, Delete, Rename, Move, Properties, and more.
  • Use Android-specific functions, like Sharing a file or folder (which opens the Share menu), opening a file in any installed app that supports it, or creating a shortcut to a file or folder on your home screen.
  • Search for files by name, path, category, size, and date. You don’t have to hunt down a file by looking in every folder.

If your Android device is rooted, you can enable the Root Explorer feature to browse – and even modify – files everywhere on your device’s file system.

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es file explorer sd card   ES File Explorer   The Best File Manager For Android [Android]

Remote File Management

What really sets ES File Explorer apart is its long list of features. It can do almost anything you’d want. Not only is it a file manager for your local file system, it also integrates with a variety of remote file services to manage files on other nearby devices and in cloud storage accounts.

  • Access files on local computers using the SMB protocol used for Windows file sharing. Open the LAN section, tap New, and tap Scan to scan for computers sharing files on the local network. You can use this feature to copy files from your computer to your Android or even stream videos from your computer over the network.

es file explorer lan shares   ES File Explorer   The Best File Manager For Android [Android]

es file explorer cloud storage   ES File Explorer   The Best File Manager For Android [Android]

  • Download and upload files via FTP using the integrated FTP client.
  • Manage files via Bluetooth. You can copy and paste files directly between Bluetooth devices.

Other Features

ES File Explorer includes a long list of other features.

  • Application Management: ES File Explorer can manage the applications stored on your device. In addition to uninstalling and categorizing apps, you can create backup copies of their .apk files and install backed up .apk files.
  • File Compression Support: The app allows you to compress and decompress ZIP and RAR files. You can also create password-protected (encrypted) ZIP files.
  • Built-In File Viewers: This app includes built-in viewers for viewing images files, music, documents, and other types of files. You shouldn’t have to install another app to view a variety of files. When you open a file, you’ll have the option to use the internal viewer or an external application.
  • Text File Editor: ES File Explorer includes a built-in text editor. ES File Explorer is so powerful that, if you enable writing to the root file system (be careful if you do this – you could damage your operating system), you could use ES File Explorer’s built-in text editor to directly modify operating system configuration files.

ES File Explorer also includes a task killer, but we don’t recommend using it. It will not make Android faster.

es file explorer search   ES File Explorer   The Best File Manager For Android [Android]

If there’s one problem with ES File Explorer, it’s that its interface feels a bit dated in the world of Android Jelly Bean and Holo-themed applications.

ES File Explorer is on our list of the best Android apps. To find more great apps, check out our lists of the best software for every platform.

Do you use ES File Explorer, or do you prefer another Android file manager? Let us know!

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The Boojum

Fully endorse this. I used to be a ‘default’ user of Astro, which I used for the basic stuff. Once my requirements evolved to include much more web-type access I looked around to see what was out there (Astro included). There seemed to be a number of concerns expressed with Astro so I decided to give ES a go. It it truly brilliant. It is pretty intuitive, has a well thought out and feature-rich user interface, and allows me to easily access content stored locally, on my LAN, in the Cloud and via FTP.

Dated user interface? Not aligned with Jelly Bean standards? Don’t give a damn, my dear. It just works!



I LOVE ES file Explorer! Glad somebody else is giving it the credit it deserves. Between it, Samba file share, and wireless adb… it’s a very rare instance that I have to hook my phone up to my computer anymore.


Reuben DeVries

I really like ES but I was forced to move to root explorer before ES allowed root users, now I just use root explorer because it is basically while it doesn’t look as nice, I did pay like 4 bucks for it a few years ago. I feel like I may as well get my money worth.



I think it is lacking in that it does not include an ftp (sftp) or DLNA server. It also desperately needs a UI upgrade. I use it in conjunction with File Expert to get the combination of functions I need.


Hi, thanks for choosing File Expert, let us know if you have any problems. For technical support please drop us an email


Kelly Walsh

I also endorse this choice, been using it since I had my og droid back in 2008



I’ve been using ES for about a year on my Galaxy Nexus. Works great.


Junil Maharjan

I’ve been using ES File Explorer for most of my Android years and I can say it is the best file explorer. I’ve tried some other file explorers but none has come close to provide the ease and satisfaction of ES File Explorer.


Richard Borkovec

ES is better than any other file manager I’ve used. It’s dead easy to use, and makes handling files a breeze. I tried Astro, but it can’t even compare to this for more advanced uses. I definitely agree though that it does feel a bit dated. A nice Holo style update would be welcome, as long as they don’t take away any functionality.



I have been using Androzip but i am getting tired of it, so im going to check ES FE


Nevzat Akkaya

I’m a file manager applications addict :) I’m using and loving these apps right now :
– File Expert
– AntTek Explorer
– Solid Explorer
(try them if you never did)
they certainly deserve a couple of bucks for support.

Andy Liu

I love file expert with it’s tab like feel, as well as its media shortcuts. Personally, I think it’s better than ES’s offering.


The idea of using tab makes File Expert totally different with others, thank you for choosing FE!


Benny Teo

Did Google really think that a file manager is a thing of the past???
I’ll probably have a bursting phone memory with all those remant uninstalled files in my system that I disk-usage paired with Solid explorer to clear off.

Add CM10’s file manager to the list of file managers as well.


Benny Teo

Any article thats shows a table of comparisons of these different file managers? That would be useful.

Connect-website Zainal-base

you try send my phone


Harshit Jain

File expert has almost all the features and much better interface.


I used both and payed for File Expert since it had better interface and seemed like better supported. In the past year or so, I have seen it improve tremendously in both features and interface. It makes use of the tablet space and has some good features like setting up ad-hoc file server.


I must say thank you :)

We will continue to try our best to let File Expert to become the best file mgr on Android



ES File Explorer is my second favourite however for me Solid Explorer is a bit better. Both of them look really good, both of them have almost the same options but there is one useful feature of Solid Explorer that makes it better – a devided screen in the horizontal view. Simply when you turn your device your screen split is split into two windows – separate for two different folders. It is really really useful when you work on two folders, for example when you move something from one to another. So for me Solid is the best one. It doesn’t change the fact, though, that ES File Explorer is also great :)


Henk van Setten

I tried this for a while and really liked it. It’s OK. Still for my phone (5.5″ screen) I prefer Solid Explorer, especially because that one offers a dual-pane setup that makes file management much easier.



I will keep ESFE on my tablet for its capacity to create a desktop icon to individual files. Great for direct access to manuals, book-of-the-moment, spreadsheet, etc



Ok…I’ve been using Astro…but you just made a believer out of me…Thanks for keeping an eye on the good stuff!


Jim Carter

Tried them all–including this one and uninstalled all with the exception of X-plore File Manager from Lonely Cat Games. I was accustomed to dual pane file managers in Windows and this app gets me the closest to that experience. Plus; the app is rock solid under Froyo–which is THE WORST Android version.


Ole Funch

I have used ES File Explorer for a couple of years now, and I would’nt be without it, the best Explorer if I may say so.



Solid Explorer is better!


Sean Seebran

This truly is a great App, I use this very often without any issues.

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